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European Tapestries

Discover the most exhilarating collection of high quality European tapestries only at saveontapestries.com. European tapestries are some of the magnificent and much sought after tapestries all over the world. In the land of renaissance, aesthetism and decadence, one can still find the beauty and the art of the bygone era in the form of European tapestries.

The European tapestries designs are motivated and draw their inspiration from those times and the art and culture which flourished at that time. Work of Van Gogh and Claude Monte are a favorite theme of modern day European tapestries. Some of the most preferred European tapestries are the Belgian tapestries, especially the Bayeux tapestries and the Beatrix tapestries.

European tapestries are called so essentially for the reason that the designs and patterns chosen in those tapestries are origin of Europe. France, Germany, Belgium are places where art grew, bloomed, flourished and it is still evolving to this day. One can still see the famous French art pieces neatly weaved into each of the European tapestries. In fact, Belgium tapestries are much adulated by people with an artistic bend of mind. One can find Belgian tapestries in wall hangings tapestries and cushion or bolster tapestries very often.

These designs on tapestries are mainly inspired by the master pieces of great artists of the long-gone times who produced their work in Europe. Designs are also inspired by the characters and famous personalities of past, fictitious characters of great literary works like those of Shakespeare. Common man and maids, social gatherings, regular lifestyles and the events of the past times also find a substantial existence in European tapestries. Work of awe inspiring artists like Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh are much sought after in European tapestries. The Belgian tapestries wall hangings carry designs of world famous tapestry weaving traditions like Aubusson, Savonnerie, Chambord, etc. They cover different themes and pictorials of events and happening in history as well in myth.

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