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Tapestries Wall Hangings

Tapestries are heavy cloth woven with rich, often varicolored designs and scenes. Tapestries mainly include tapestry wall hanging, tapestry cushions, bell pulls, tapestry throws, tapestry runners and also tapestries are used to cover furniture. They provide a rich look to your furniture and also make for a smooth and comfortable living. Tapestries exude your taste and penchant for a classy lifestyle. The designs you choose for your tapestry work shows your tastes and preference in art and culture. They tacitly convey your inclination towards the finest things in the world. Tapestry gives you house a look of elegance and provide a sense of warmth, thereby making your house - a home.

Tapestries wall hangings are one of the main items in tapestry. Beautiful wall hangings in a room not only look good, they also provide an aura of dignity and classiness. More and more home makers are making an artistic choice by decorating their homes with Tapestries wall hangings of different designs. Designs in Tapestries wall hangings can be floral or depicting an era or any historic event in the bygone era. The more common choices that people make these days are Tapestries wall hangings depicting the 18th or the 19th centuries or design patterns like floral or designs of animals and wild life. Even the work of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet are found in homes of people who dabble in artistic things.

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• tapestry cushions with tussles


• tapestry bell pull with traditional as well beautiful floral designs


• tapestry rods and accessories available in all metals bent in artistic curves


• enticing tapestry handbags which would capture your imagination and everyone's attention while you are on the move

• tapestry table runners and mats which would make your meals a fine moment for the bon vivant
• Tapestry throws which are elegantly designed in European styles and designs which can make any corner of the room light up with panache.

Get beautiful tapestries for your home and see how you turn your home into a heady concoction of awe inspiring art and sophistication.