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European Tapestries in Vogue
Tapestries are beautiful artistic representation of the art and culture of the times they are
representing. European tapestries represent the themes and designs of a particular era.
The tapestry is woven by the gifted artisans on the jacquard looms. Save on tapestries offer
wonderful collection of extraordinary European tapestries that add elegance and class to your
The tapestries though are a very traditional form of art, are still appreciated for the classic
and elegant beauty they possess. France, Belgium and Germany were the breeding grounds
of tapestry art and provided the right circumstances for the art to flourish and blossom to its
present flamboyance.
The tapestry in vogue today are the chenille tapestries that include Floral Tapestries, Still Life
Tapestries, Art Tapestries and the Best Value Tapestries that include reproductions of works
of art of great artists such as Monet, George Botich, Malenda Trick, Michelangelo etc.
Medieval tapestry that include Knight and castle tapestries, garden scene tapestries, falcons
etc are also appreciated by the collectors and interior designers as they offer an unique charm
and the old world sophistication.
The most popular tapestries are based on the art masterpieces of the great masters. The
works of Da vinci and Vincent Von Gogh, the world renowned artists are great inspiration for
the tapestries. The European tapestries show a definite influence of artists such as Von Gogh
and Claude Monte etc. The themes and subjects are taken from the historical events or
mythical happenings.
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tapestries with the right blend of ethnicity and modernity make them a very contemporary
décor accessories choice.
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