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Oriental Tapestries
Oriental tapestries are tapestries with oriental designs. Oriental designs are essentially the
famous style of paintings and artistry created and used by the early Chinese and Japanese.
These designs are identified with bright colors and lucky figures which are also a part of Feng
Shui. Through minimalist interiors and natural hues of the Japanese decorating style, every
oriental design help creating a sense of tranquility.
Our collection of Oriental Tapestries consists of wall hangings with designs of elephants,
camels and many such animals in varieties of oriental designs. This collection comprises of
Royal Elephants and other Royal artifacts woven in 1844. These designs were inspired from
the designs of the famous Jean Amédée Couderc. His original designs are exhibited at the
Musee du Louvre of Paris.
Our collection also includes trendy oriental designs which were quite loved in Europe in the
XIX century, along with the Belgian tapestries. These tapestries were woven in Aubusson.
Other designs woven in the same style are camels, Lord Buddha and Cheval drape.
Infact, some of the most famous oriental tapestries designs are Dragon, Buddha and many
more from the 18th century. All our tapestries are made using some of the finest quality wool
and silk. They are woven by the craftsmen who are world famous for their artistry and
craftsmanship. Each oriental tapestry is a masterpiece in itself. They are inspired from some
of the famous oriental designs. They are also an inspiration to many in the world.
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furniture stores, drapery stores, antique and curio showrooms.
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