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Various factors such as medications, age, ethnicity, and hormone levels usually influence
body hair appearance. All these factors not only affect the length and coarseness but
also color of your body hair. Diode laser hair removal process offers a permanent and
safe solution by eliminating unnecessary or excessive hair.
Diode laser is a laser hair removal technique involving a laser beam where the active
medium is a laser diode. It is somehow similar to that found in a light-emitting diode.
Diode laser is sometime referred as injection laser diode. This is basically done to
distinguish them from optically pumped laser diode. Optically pumped laser diode is
produced in the laboratory. Alike other semiconductor devices laser diode is also formed
by doping a very thin layer on the surface of a crystal wafe.
Anyone suffering from excess body and facial hair generally search for the best remedies
and treatments. And the frequently asked question is ‘is diode laser hair removal
technique effective’? The answer is yes and diode laser hair removal has been confirmed
to work effectively for patients with surfeit hair problems. However, it takes several
diode laser hair removal sessions to tackle this problem of excess hair.
Diode laser hair removal treatment essentially, works by using a tapered laser beam
to burn and cauterize the problem hair follicles. It sounds very painful but in reality it is
not. You can experience mild discomfort for a short time but a little discomfort now is
surely worth a lifetime of smooth skin. The biggest advantage of diode laser hair
removal is that there aren’t any side effects you will experience. Moreover, you can
notice the change after your first session itself.
Diode laser hair removal technique has been widely researched, tested and proven
highly effectual in permanently eliminating unwanted hair. This permanent hair removal
technique works on any area of the body where you desire to have a smooth skin. It can
be underarms, face, neck, legs, shoulders, back, bikini line, you just name it.
Patients think that this diode laser hair removal treatment is very costly. This is not
true as it’s easily affordable. A successful course of treatment, however, should be
administered over several sessions. If you have decided to go for diode laser hair
removal treatment, the first step is to contact Advanced Laser Clinics.
If you have any question or want to know more about diode laser hair removal,
permanent hair removal, and cost of laser hair removal and laser hair removal treatment