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Lesson 8
Part I
Topics examined in this lesson:
Spirituality vs. Corporeality
Vessel Correction
The Revelation of the Desire To Receive
The Ari Method Arranged by Baal HaSulam
The Creation in the Eyes of the Kabbalist
All sacred scriptures describe the feelings that a man is expected to live out.
The message is always the same: that we are to prefer spirituality to the
lures of the material world, and to praise the Creator.
The Creator does not stand in need of our praises, because He is totally
devoid of egoism.
Part II
The only thing He wishes is to fill each one of us with delight. This is
proportionate to our desire to choose Him amongst all other things, and to
our aspirations to achieve attributes similar to His.
The glorification of the Creator is an indication of the correct orientation of
the Kli. The delights from bonding with the Creator can become infinite,
eternal, perfect and are only restricted by the intervening of a person’s
Altruism is a specific attribute, a means of correcting the Kli. Egoism does
not bring any good, worthwhile thing. It is plain to see: the more people
have, the more likely they are not to be satisfied. The most developed
countries often have an alarming rate of suicides amongst young and old.
One may give everything to a person; this often results in a lack of feeling
for the simple tastes of life.
Taste is sensed only when suffering and pleasure come into contact. The