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separate particle strives to draw pleasure and delight from this world.
This explains why special conditions were established to help man strengthen
his bonding with the Creator and to receive the correcting Light from above.
While undergoing correction, a man sends a request to the Creator, for
assistance to correct all his desires. The Light of the Creator comes down,
and this man must undergo 6,000 consecutive actions to correct his soul.
When this happens, the soul becomes similar in its attributes to Malchut of
the Ein Sof. It then receives all the Light for the sake of the Creator.
Everything we discover relates to the World of Atzilut and to the Partzuf of
Adam HaRishon.
All that is written in the Kabbalah concerns some part of this Partzuf, or the
world in which it comes out.
The perception of the surrounding world at any given time depends on how
high a level man has risen to, and which part of the Partzuf of Adam
In order to bond with the spiritual world, a man has to achieve a similarity of
attributes with this world.
If even only one desire matches the spiritual attribute of giving relentlessly,
then at this stage, a connection with the Creator is established.
It is quite difficult to establish this first contact. When a man opens up to the
spiritual he clearly comprehends it and cannot mistake it. He then needs to
transform his desires. The Creator, for His part, wants man to achieve
correction and expects man’s request.
The divine Light exists in an absolute stillness, only the souls are
transformed. At every stage of the transformation they receive new
information from the Light.
The Creator only replies to sincere prayer-desire. If there is no answer, it
means that this is not yet a true desire to be answered.
When man is ready, the answer comes immediately, because the Light
always wants to fill the Kli.
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