A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbala HTML version

Chapter 3: Who Is a Kabbalist?
Part I
The Kabbalist is a researcher who studies his nature using a proven, time-
tested and accurate method. He studies the essence of his existence using
tools we can all utilize – feelings, intellect and heart.
A Kabbalist looks like an ordinary person. He need not have any special
skills, talents, or occupation. He need not be a wise man or wear a holy
expression. At some point in his life, this ordinary person decided to look for
a way in which he would find credible answers to the questions that were
troubling him. By utilizing a distinct method of learning, he was successful in
acquiring an extra sense – a sixth sense – which is the spiritual sense.
Through this sense, the Kabbalist feels the spiritual spheres as a clear reality,
just as we feel our reality here; he receives knowledge about the spiritual
spheres, the upper worlds, and the revelation of higher forces. These worlds
are called upper worlds, since they are higher than and beyond our world.
The Kabbalist ascends from his current spiritual level to the next one. This
movement brings him from one upper world to the next. He sees the roots
from which everything that exists here has developed, everything that fills
our world, including ourselves. The Kabbalist is simultaneously in our world,
and in the upper worlds. This quality is shared by all Kabbalists.
Part II
Kabbalists receive the real information that surrounds us, and feel this
reality. Therefore, they can study it, be familiar with it, and teach us about it.
They provide a new method through which we can meet the source of our
lives, leading us to spirituality. They use books that are written in a special
language. We must read these books in a special way, so they become a
Vessel for discovering the truth for us as well.
In the books they have written, the Kabbalists inform us about the
techniques based on man’s personal experiences. From their all-
encompassing point of view, they have found the way to help those who
would follow, and then climb the same ladder as they did. Their method is
called the wisdom of Kabbalah.