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With the fall of Adam and the shattering of his Kelim, the four upper phases,
or the nine first Sefirot, fall into Malchut. Here the fourth stage can choose to
remain the same old Malchut or to prefer spiritual development in the
similarity of the four phases.
If Malchut remains like its own self, this means that Malchut, or the soul, or
Adam, is in the World of Assiya, though, if it becomes like the third phase,
then Malchut is in the World of Yetzira.
The similarity to the second phase means that Malchut is in the World of
Beria. Similarity to the first stage corresponds to Malchut in the World of
Atzilut. Finally, similarity to the zero phase means existence of Malchut in the
World of Adam Kadmon.
All spiritual movements from above downward, from Malchut of the Ein Sof
to our world, and back to the World of Ein Sof, are preordained.
Nothing is planned that is not in accordance with the goal of Creation. This
goal is achieved when the fourth stage becomes similar to the third, second,
first and zero stages, which are all contained in the fourth stage.
All the worlds appear as the descent of the Creator from above downward,
over the 125 levels of the five worlds. This is like a permanent restriction of
the Creator, making the whole of Creation recede from Him until Creation
reaches the level of our world, which no longer feels Him.
When Creation rises upward, it makes its way through the same 125 levels of
the five worlds, which were formed for this specific purpose. Advancing a
single level provides you with the power to take a leap forward to the next
The descent from above to below is the regression process of the soul, but
the ascent is progression.
During the descent, the power of each level lessens, because it conceals
more and more of the Light of the Creator from His Creation. But the reverse
movement increasingly reveals to man the Light of the Creator and
consequently grants him the power to overcome obstacles.
Let us explain what happens when Shevirat haKelim takes place.
The nine altruistic Sefirot that Malchut, being the selfish part, tries to use for
its own sake, fall into Malchut. At this time, altruism and selfishness are
blended together.
Now, if a strong Light enlightens this blend and awakens Malchut, making it
understand its own nature and what the Creator is, this enables Malchut to
strive to be like the upper Sefirot, i.e. the Light of the Creator.
Even though Shevirat haKelim is, so to say, an anti-spiritual action, actually
it is the only possible process that can enable Malchut to bond with the
altruistic properties of the Creator and to rise up to His level at a later stage.
After Shevirat haKelim, two parallel systems of worlds, Assiya, Yetzira, Beria,
Atzilut and Adam Kadmon are built as two systems: altruistic and selfish.