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Lesson 6
Part I
Topics examined in this lesson:
125 Levels
The Sin of Adam HaRishon
The Shattering of the Vessels
The Breaking of the Souls
The Breaking of the Worlds
World of Nikudim
World of Correction
Partzufim of World of Atzilut
The birth of the Worlds of BYA
Part II
There are five worlds between the Creator and our world. Each of them
consists of five Partzufim and each Partzuf of five Sefirot.
In total there are 125 levels between us and the Creator. Malchut, moving
through all these levels, reaches the last one, and in this way, Behina Dalet,
the only creation, merges with the four previous phases.
Malchut fully absorbs the properties of the four phases and thus becomes
equal to the Creator. This is the Goal of Creation.
In order to mix Malchut with the remaining nine Sefirot, a special Partzuf is
created. This consists of Malchut and the nine Sefirot from Keter to Yesod.
Its name is Adam.
In the beginning, the nine Sefirot and the tenth, Malchut, are not connected
to each other in any way. That’s why it was said that in the beginning Adam
was forbidden to eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.