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n the Guf of the Partzuf Nikudim, i.e. in ZON above the Parsa (Hesed,
Gevura, Tifferet) and below the Parsa (Netzah, Hod, Yesod and Malchut)
there are eight Sefirot. Each of these consists of four phases (apart from
phase zero).
These, in turn, bear ten Sefirot, yielding a total of 320 Kelim (4 x 8 x 10),
which have been broken.
Of the 320 broken Kelim, only Malchut cannot be corrected and this
represents 32 parts (4 x 8).
The remaining 288 parts (320 - 32) can be corrected. The 32 parts are called
Lev haEven (lit. Heart of Stone). These will only be corrected by the Creator
Himself at the time of Gmar Tikkun (Final Correction).
The altruistic and selfish desires have simultaneously broken apart and
intermingled. As a result, every element of the broken Kelim consists of 288
parts that are fit for correction and 32 which are not.
Now the achievement of the goal of Creation only depends on the correction
of the broken World of Nikudim. If we succeed in our required task, the
Behina Dalet will be filled with the Light.
Olam haTikkun (World of Correction) is created to build a coherent system
which will then correct the Kelim of the World of Nikudim.
This new world is also called Olam Atzilut (World of Emanation).
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