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to the source of the light, and gradually come to feel a desire for spirituality.
This process is called segula (remedy).
Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag wrote in the Introduction to the Study of the Ten
Accordingly, why did the Kabbalists instruct everyone to study Kabbalah? While it is great
and worthwhile publicizing that there is an incomparably wonderful quality to studying
Kabbalah wisdom, even though they do not know what they are studying, it is the
tremendous desire to understand what they are studying that awakens the lights
surrounding their soul. That means that every person is assured the possibility of
eventually attaining all the wonderful achievements the Creator intended for us in
planning Creation.
Those who do not attain them in this incarnation will do so in another, until the Creator’s
intention is fulfilled. Even if a person does not achieve this completion, the lights are
destined to be his; the Surrounding Lights wait for him to prepare his Vessel to receive
them. Therefore, even when he lacks the Vessels, when a person is engaged in this
wisdom and recalls the names of the lights and Vessels waiting and belonging to him,
they will shine on him but only to a certain degree. But they will not penetrate his inner
soul, since his Vessels are not yet ready to accept them. Kabbalah is the only means to
create the Vessel to receive the light of the Creator. The light he receives when he is
engaged in the wisdom imparts to him a grace from above, bestowing an abundance of
holiness and purity on him, bringing him closer to reaching completion.
Kabbalah is special in that it gives a person a taste of spirituality while he is
studying, and from that experience he comes to prefer spirituality to
materialism. In proportion to his spirituality, he clarifies his will and learns to
distance himself from things he was once attracted to, much as an adult is
no longer attracted to childish games.
Why do we need Kabbalah? Because Kabbalah is given to us as a springboard
for change. It is given to us so that we can know and perceive the Creator at
any given moment throughout the day. These are the only reasons why the
wisdom of Kabbalah was provided. Whoever learns Kabbalah in order to alter
himself and improve himself, in order to know the Creator, reaches the stage
in which he begins to see he can improve, and fulfill his true destiny in this
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