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Therefore it decides to receive all the Light and is completely filled with the
Light, but now upon its own wish. Its delight is infinite.
This has become the fourth phase, called Malchut of the World of Ein Sof,
the one and only true Creation. It combines the two conditions: it knows in
advance what it wishes, and out of the two states it chooses receiving.
The first three phases do not bear the name of “Creation” because they do
not possess a desire of their own, but only the Creator’s or a consequence of
The fourth stage, after being filled with Light just as during the first phase,
starts adopting the attributes of the Creator, and senses itself as a receiver.
A feeling of shame arises leading to the decision to become like the Creator,
i.e. not to allow any Light in and the Tzimtzum Alef (First Restriction ) takes
How is it that the Tzimtzum did not take place in the end of Phase 1? The
answer is that during the first phase, the desire of the Kli was not its own,
but was the wish of the Creator.
Here the creation restricts its own desire to receive, and does not use it.
Tzimtzum is made not on the desire to receive delight, but on the aspiration
to receive for itself. It refers only to intention.
In the first case the Kli simply ceased to receive. Now, if the Kli made a
decision to receive, but not for its own sake, it could fill itself with a certain
portion of the Light, depending on the strength of its intention to counteract
the force of egoism.
This reception of Light for the benefit of another is equal to bestowal. An
action in the spiritual world is defined by its intention, not by the action itself.
The First Restriction means that the Kli will never use delight for its own
sake. Tzimtzum Alef will never be violated.
That is why the primary task of a created being is the necessity to neutralize
the wish to receive delight for its own sake.
The first created being, Behina Dalet, shows how to receive pleasure from all
the Light of the Creator, although the First Restriction means that all that
Malchut is filled up with will never be received as delight for its own sake.
We shall see how this principle can be further implemented.
Initially, Malchut places a Screen above its egoism, which pushes away all
the incoming Light. This is a kind of test to check whether Malchut is able to
resist all the enormous delight which presses against the Screen and which
corresponds to an equally enormous desire to receive it.
Yes, it does succeed in pushing away all the delight, and does not luxuriate in