A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbala HTML version

Lesson 5
Part I
Topics examined in this lesson:
The Phases of Light
The Second Restriction (Tzimztum Bet)
The Reflected Light
Five Partzufim of Adam Kadmon
Nekudot de SAG, Tzimtzum Bet
The Smallness of Nikudim
The Shattering of Desires
World of Atzilut
Part II
We shall commence with a brief review: the Creation is brought forth by the
Light emanating from the Creator, and this Light is the desire to give delight,
and is called Behina Shoresh (Root Phase).
It builds for itself the desire to receive delight, Behina Alef , which after being
filled with the Light, adopts the attribute of the Light; that is the desire to
give, to relentlessly bring delight. This corresponds to Behina Bet.
But there is nothing it has to give. It realizes that it can bring Him delight
only if it accepts a portion of the Light for His sake.
So the third stage: Zeir Anpin is created. It already has two properties: to
give and to receive.
After perceiving these two kinds of delight, Zeir Anpin feels that receiving is
better and nicer than giving. This is its initial character in stage Alef.