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Chapter 2: Why Study
Part I
When an ordinary person studies the writings of the Kabbalists, he learns
about what was formerly hidden from him. Only after acquiring the sixth
sense through study does he begin to feel and see what was previously
Everyone has a natural ability to develop this sixth sense, and that is the
reason Kabbalists transmit their knowledge of the structure of the upper,
spiritual world. [See the chapter on “Sensing Reality Through Kabbalah.”]
When a person is exposed to Kabbalistic materials, he may not at first grasp
what he is reading. But if he wants to understand, and tries to do so in the
proper manner, he invokes what is called the Surrounding Light, the light
that corrects him; and very gradually he is shown his spiritual reality. The
terms “to correct” and “correction” are used in Kabbalah to describe a
change in the desire to receive, i.e., to acquire the qualities of the spiritual
world and of the Creator.
Everyone has this sixth, still-dormant spiritual sense; this is called the point
of the heart. Opposite it stands the light, which will eventually fill the point,
the sixth sense, when it develops.
The sixth sense is also called the spiritual Vessel (Kli), and it continues to
exist even without material reality. The spiritual Vessel of the ordinary
person who has never studied Kabbalah is not sufficiently developed to feel
the spiritual world. When he studies the original Kabbalah writings in the
proper way, this light enlightens the point of the heart and begins to develop
it. The point then begins to widen and it expands sufficiently to allow the
Surrounding Light to enter it. When the light enters into the point of the
heart, it gives a person a spiritual feeling. This point is the person’s soul.
Nothing is possible without help from the upper world, without the
Surrounding Light descending from above and gradually lighting the way for
a person. Even when we do not recognize this light, there is a direct
connection between the point of the heart and the light due to fill it, as
planned from above. Studying Kabbalah books enables a person to connect