A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbala HTML version

people and under the guidance of an authentic teacher, we can qualitatively
modify our organs of sensation and discover the spiritual world and the
Kabbalah teaches that the only thing created is the desire to have pleasure
and delight. Our brain is aimed only at the development of this sensation,
measuring it correctly. The brain is an auxiliary appliance, nothing more.
The result of studying Kabbalah correctly is a comprehensive and thorough
experience of the true universe, as clear as our present perception of our
The perception of both worlds gives us a full and large-scale picture,
including the highest force, the Creator who rules the entire universe.
Kabbalah is talking about new sensations and feelings perceived by man;
they appear not in man’s brain but in his heart. The heart reacts to man’s
inner reactions even though it is simply a pump.
In fact our sensations – feelings – are a pure spiritual substance. The various
organs that enable us to “live” them are also of a spiritual nature. The heart
simply reacts, since it operates to provide energy to the body in accordance
with our various reactions.
In our initial condition, we simply do not understand or perceive that
something is hidden from us. Yet if during our studies we begin to appreciate
this fact, it already becomes a step forward in the right direction.
Further on, we begin to perceive a higher force, which establishes contact
with us, sends us different situations, and their causes and effects become
clearer. This already is a certain degree of revelation.
A person begins to evaluate his own deeds in accordance with what the
Creator sends him. One begins to criticize one’s own actions and reactions.
He thinks “This is sent to me by the Creator so that I could let it go” or “In
this case I have to behave differently.” Such self-criticism transports a man
to the level of “Man” because he has become more than merely the two-
legged creature he was before.
The man starts sensing the Creator, and sees which actions are useful to him
and which are harmful.
As man sees all the due causes and effects, he begins to know what is useful
and what is not. Naturally, nobody will consciously violate something while
he sees what brings him a reward and what leads to a punishment.
Therefore, the revelation of the Creator grants man the opportunity to
behave correctly in each specific case with maximum benefit. Such a man is
then called a tzadik, a righteous man. He perceives the Creator, the reward
for all good, as well as the additional reward for not violating a
A righteous man always justifies the Creator. When a man increasingly
performs spiritual commandments, more and more light enters him. This