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Lesson 3
Part I
Topics examined in this lesson:
5 Senses
Amendments in Spiritual Worlds
Attracting the Surrounding Light
Correcting the Ego
An Exit to the Spiritual Worlds
Even an insignificant change in our senses will significantly modify our
perception of reality and our world.
Part II
Everything we sense is called the Creation. As our sensations are subjective,
the picture we build is also subjective.
Scientists try to expand the limits of our senses (with microscopes,
telescopes, all kinds of sensors, and so on), but all these aids do not change
the essence of our perceptions.
It is as if we are imprisoned by our sensory organs. All the incoming
information penetrates us through the five sensors: visual, auditory, tactual,
gustatory and olfactory.
The received information undergoes some processing inside a person, is
sensed and assessed following one algorithm: is it better or worse for me.
From above, we are given the opportunity to create a sixth organ of
sensation. This is acquired with the help of the science of Kabbalah.
If we study it correctly, using authentic sources in a group of like-minded