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If a Partzuf is filled with the Light of Hochma , it is called AB, but if it is filled
with the Light of Hassadim, we call it SAG. All the names of the Partzufim are
based on the combination of these two Lights.
All that is described in the Torah is nothing more than spiritual Partzufim,
filled with either the Light of Hochma or the Light of Hassadim in different
After the birth of the five Partzufim: Galgalta, AB, SAG, MA and BON, all the
Reshimot disappear. All the desires that could be filled with the Light, for the
benefit of the Creator, have been exhausted.
At this stage, the Screen completely loses the ability to receive Light for the
Creator and can only resist egoism without receiving anything.
We see that after the First Restriction, Malchut can consequently receive five
portions of the Light. The birth of the five Partzufim is called the World of
Adam Kadmon. Malchut has completed its five Reshimot.
We see that Malchut of the World of Ein Sof is completely filled with Light.
After the First Restriction, with the help of the Partzufim, it will only fill
partially up to the level of the Tabur.
The task for Malchut is now filling its last part for the sake of the Creator as
well. This part is called Sof (End) and spreads from the Tabur to Sium Raglin
(Conclusion of Legs).
The Creator wants to fill Malchut with unlimited delight. All that is needed to
achieve this is to create the conditions so that Malchut will have the desire
and the power to fill the remaining part or in other words: to send the delight
back to the Creator.
In the next chapter we shall see how this process takes place.
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