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Part II
There is a certain order to the way the desire to receive develops and grows.
In the first stage, man lusts after physical pleasure. Then he seeks money
and honor. An even stronger desire makes him thirst for power. He may later
develop a desire for spirituality, which is at the peak of the pyramid. A
person who recognizes how great his desire for spirituality begins to seek
ways of satisfying this desire.
The passage through the stages of the desire to receive makes a person
become familiar with his abilities and limitations.
Kabbalah deals with the upper worlds, the roots of our feelings and thoughts,
which we cannot grasp. Since we have no control over the worlds, we do not
know how and why our feelings and thoughts are created. We wonder at
experiences such as sweet, bitter, pleasant, rough and so forth. We are
unsuccessful at building scientific tools to examine our feelings, even in the
field of psychology, psychiatry and other social disciplines. Behavioral factors
remain hidden from our understanding.
Kabbalah is a system for scientifically evaluating our feelings: It takes the
total of our feelings and desires, and provides an exact scientific formula for
each and every phenomenon, at each level, for every type of understanding
and feeling.
This is the work of feelings combined with intellect. It uses, for beginning
students, geometry, matrices and diagrams. When studying Kabbalah, they
recognize each of their own feelings and begin to understand it. They know
what name it should be given according to its power, direction and character.
The wisdom of Kabbalah is an ancient and proven method. Through it, man
can receive higher awareness and attain spirituality. This is really his goal in
this world. When a person feels a desire for spirituality, he starts to feel a
longing for it, and can then develop the desire through the wisdom of
Kabbalah that has been provided by the Creator.
Kabbalah is a word that describes the aim of the Kabbalist: to attain
everything man is capable of, as a thinking being, the highest of all
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