A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbala HTML version

According to the law of spiritual development, man has to reach the highest
spiritual degree in this life. Man will be given many opportunities, if not in his
present life then in the next one, and so on, until he reaches the required
Kabbalah helps us to accelerate this process. The Creator designed a very
interesting system: either man accepts to ponder the meaning of life without
awaiting any sufferings, or such sufferings will be sent to him so that he may
be coerced into asking himself questions.
In other words, no matter whether man progresses towards the goal of
Creation voluntarily or by force, Kabbalah assists him to advance by his own
will. This is the optimal way and man may enjoy it while advancing.
There are those who pose the question: Can Kabbalah help cover a mortgage
loan, assist one in business, to be successful in family matters, and so on?
Actually, Kabbalah does not give an unambiguous answer on these
questions. Kabbalah teaches us how to use our entire world, in the most
effective way, for the achievement of the goal of creation. This is the
direction in which the Creator pushes us, using all these troubles.
Kabbalah explains what spiritual load a man must take out of his life. Not
how to solve our problems, but how to find a solution to the very problem for
which all our everyday problems are sent to us. Suffering is just put in our
way to bring us to our spiritual ascent.
When man discovers all the laws of the spiritual worlds, he knows what is
sent to him from above and why, how to use these challenges in the most
optimal way and how to behave correctly.
We basically do not grasp what to do when something befalls us – where to
run, who to call? Solving our daily problems straightforwardly, trying to
escape them as we are used to doing, will not advance us to the goal but will
create new difficulties. These will only disappear when their purpose is
fulfilled by drawing us closer to the goal of creation.
By knowing the spiritual laws, we are enabled to see all the causes and
consequences. We observe everything through the correct perspective, we
see all the links.
This way each of our steps becomes a conscious one. Life changes and no
longer seems to lead to a dead end. We join together all our conditions prior
to birth, during our present lifetime, and after we leave this world. We reach
a completely new level of existence.
Currently, many people are beginning to think about the meaning of life and
other spiritual matters. This happens because of the past experiences that
have accumulated in their souls during their previous lifetimes.
The Creator sends suffering in order to allow man to meditate on the essence
of these sufferings and their origin. Thus, man is able to call upon the
Creator, still without understanding it. The Creator expects us to cultivate the
desire to bond with Him.