A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbala HTML version

Part I
The Need for Kabbalah
in Our Daily Lives
Chapter 1: What Is Kabbalah?
Part I
Kabbalah is an accurate method to investigate and define man’s position in
the universe. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us the reason why man exists,
why he is born, why he lives, what the purpose of his life is, where he comes
from and where he is going after he completes his life in this world.
Kabbalah is a method of reaching the spiritual world. It teaches us about the
spiritual world, and by studying it, we develop another sense. With the help
of this sense we can be in touch with the upper worlds.
Kabbalah is not a theoretical study, but a very practical one. Man learns
about himself, who he is, what he is like. He learns what he needs to do to
change himself stage by stage and step by step. He conducts his research
through his inner self.
All experimentation is conducted on himself, within himself. That is why
Kabbalah is called “The Hidden Wisdom.” Through Kabbalah a person
undergoes internal changes that only he feels and knows are taking place.
This activity occurs within a person; it is unique to him, and only he knows
about it.
The word Kabbalah comes from the Hebrew word lekabbel, to receive.
Kabbalah describes the motives of actions as “the desire to receive.” This
desire refers to receiving various kinds of pleasure. In order to receive
pleasure, a person is usually willing to invest great effort. The question is,
how can one attain the maximum amount of pleasure while paying a
minimum price for it? Everyone tries to answer this question in his own way.