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This unique soul reached its highest level during its last incarnation, giving life to
Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, the Baal HaSulam. During its journey through our world this
soul was able to provide explanations on the structure of the spiritual worlds
beginning with the highest degrees, from the birth of the first being up to the
completion of the correction of the universe.
Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag explains that the “Light emanating from the Creator”
designates the desire to create beings and to please them. This phase is referred to
as the Root Phase or Phase 0. In Hebrew, it is called Behina Shoresh or Keter, as
shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Five Behinot
Afterwards this Light creates a Vessel whose desire to receive pleasure perfectly
matches it. The Light fills up the Vessel and pleases it. This is Phase 1, Behina Alef
or Hochma.
The attribute of this Light is to give, to bear the delight, while the attribute of the
Vessels consists in receiving, experiencing pleasure. However, when the Light
enters the Vessel, it begins to transfer to the Vessel its attributes and the Vessel
wishes to become like the Light; instead of wanting to receive, it now wants to give
without restraint. At this stage, the Vessel desires to be like the Light, i.e. to give
without restraint, and therefore it refuses to receive because it has nothing to give.
This stage is called Phase 2, Behina Bet or Bina.
Being empty of the Light, the Vessel begins to consider that the goal of the Light
consists in creating a Vessel and pleasing it. Clearly, the Vessel can only experience
pleasure if it receives a certain portion of the Light.
The next phase corresponds to the desire to receive, let us say, ten percent of the
Light, pleasure, but with an intention turned toward the Creator (bestowal). This
process is in fact a mixed phase, Phase 3, Behina Gimel or Zeir Anpin.