A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbala HTML version

Lesson 1
Part I
Topics examined in this lesson:
Three Sources: Rashbi, Ari, Baal HaSulam
The Four Phases
Giving for the Sake of Bestowing
The Guest and the Host
Equating to the Creator
The Freedom of Choice
The First Restriction
Roots of Creation
The Structure of Spiritual Configuration: Partzuf
Part II
Satisfying the Desire to Receive
Our knowledge of the spiritual worlds was given by people who managed to develop
a perception of the upper worlds and described the mechanisms and structures of
those worlds in their writings. Methods of establishing contact with these worlds
were also passed on. This legacy enables us to enter the spiritual worlds, acquire
the full knowledge, perceive complete perfection, understand the goal of Creation
and fully grasp our existential purpose, while still living in this world.
This course by Rav Michael Laitman, PhD is based on three sources: Rabbi Shimon
Bar Yochai’s Zohar written in the 2nd century CE, the works of the Ari, Rabbi Y.
Luria, a Kabbalist who lived in Safed in the 16th century, and finally, the works of
Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (the Baal HaSulam), who lived in the middle of the 20th
These three Kabbalists are one and the same soul which reincarnated several times
to teach an updated method leading to the mastery of the spiritual worlds, thereby
easing the study of Kabbalah for the following generations.