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Part II
Ten Kabbalah Lessons
The goal of the following series of lectures is to assist you in traversing the first stages toward the
apprehension of the spiritual realm.
How to Read Kabbalistic Text
Part I
Hebrew Terms in the Lessons
We would like to point out that it is not necessary to translate Hebrew terms used in Kabbalah into
another language, since each one of them designates a spiritual entity (partzuf) or one of its parts.
We have provided some parallel translation to assist the English-speaking student. However, it should
be emphasized that translations may lead to the association with images of our world. This is strictly
forbidden because one should not attempt to lower the spiritual to the level of our world.
Terms such as Head (Rosh), Mouth (Peh), Coupling (Zivug), etc., could induce associations that have
nothing to do with Kabbalah.
Therefore, it is recommended to stick to the Hebrew denominations. Students, who do not
understand Hebrew actually have an advantage over Hebrew speakers, as these terms will not bear
reference to representations from our world.
How To Read The Lessons
The difficulty of explaining and teaching Kabbalah lies in the fact that the spiritual world has no
counterpart in our world. Even if the objective of study becomes clear, understanding of it is only
temporary. It is grasped by the spiritual component of our cognizance, which is constantly renewed
from Above. Thus, a subject once understood by an individual may again appear unclear at a later
date. Depending on the mood and the spiritual state of the reader, the text can appear as either full
of deep meaning, or entirely meaningless.
Do not despair if what was so clear yesterday becomes very confusing the next day. Do not give up if
the text appears to be vague, strange, or illogical. Kabbalah is not studied for the sake of acquiring
theoretical knowledge, but in order to see and to perceive. When a person begins to see and
perceive, then, through his own contemplation and after acquiring spiritual strength, his consequent
reception of the resulting spiritual lights and levels will bestow upon him a sure knowledge.