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Everyone, each in his own way, tries to answer these questions from the
sources of information at his disposal. Each one of us formulates our own
perception of the world based on our experience. Reality and everyday life
constantly put this perception to the test, making us react, improve, or
otherwise change it. With some of us, this process occurs on a conscious
level; with others it happens unconsciously.
Kabbalah reaches out to all those who are seeking awareness. It teaches you
how to add an essential feeling of the spiritual sphere – the sixth sense –
that will affect your life in this world. This will allow you to perceive the upper
world – the Creator – and to gain control over your life.
The Bible, The Zohar, The Tree of Life and other authentic spiritual sources
were set down in order to teach us how to progress in the spiritual realms, to
study them and to receive spiritual knowledge. They explain how to set out
on a path to spiritual ascent in this world. Over the generations, Kabbalists
have written many books in various styles, each in accordance with the era
in which they lived.
In total, four languages were created to introduce us to our spiritual reality:
the language of the Bible (which includes the Five Books of Moses, the
Prophets and the Scriptures), the language of legends, a legalistic language,
and the language of Kabbalah, which describes the spiritual upper-worlds
system and how to reach it. The differences in languages simply present
various perspectives on the same subject in different formats – each suiting
the generation it was intended for.
The Kabbalist Baal HaSulam writes in his book Fruits of the Wise:
The inner wisdom of Kabbalah is the same as that of the Bible, The Zohar and the legends, with the
only difference between them being the manner of the logic. It is rather like an ancient tongue
translated into four languages. It is self-evident that the wisdom itself did not change at all due to the
change in language. All we need to consider is which is most convenient and widely accepted for
By reading this book, you will be able to take your first steps in
understanding the roots of human behavior and the laws of nature. The
contents present the essential principles of the Kabbalistic approach and
describe the wisdom of Kabbalah and the way it works. A Guide to the
Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah is intended for those searching for a sensible
and reliable method of studying the phenomena of our world, for those
seeking to understand the reasons for suffering and pleasure, for those
seeking answers to the major questions of life.
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