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only one man, again?
The Kabbalah does not deal with our physical body, but only with our
spiritual component. The upper world is like one creature, one soul whose
parts are projected to a lower world (the one we perceive) in which we feel
ourselves as distinct from each other. To explain this more simply: Because
we are limited within our egoism, we feel ourselves as separated from each
other, despite the fact that we are all of us actually one spiritual body.
Therefore, the separation exists only within our mistaken perception, for we
are all in fact one.
What are some of the concepts I will find in The Zohar? And who
wrote The Zohar?
The book of The Zohar explains how a man in this world can reach the source
of his soul. This road, or ladder, consists of 125 steps. The author of The
Zohar must have passed through all of these stages. The soul of Rabbi
Yehuda Ashlag had reached the same heights (and spiritual place) as the
author of The Zohar, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. This is why Baal HaSulam
was able to complete the commentary on The Zohar, which we can use
Are you affiliated with other rabbis and other Kabbalah centers?
Bnei Baruch is not connected in any manner to any other groups or
organizations that deal with Kabbalah.
Do you have a list of books or study materials that you could send me
in English, French or Spanish?
Unfortunately, there are no reputable, serious Kabbalah books written in any
language other than Hebrew and Aramaic and based on authentic sources,
i.e., Shimon Bar Yochai, the Ari, Yehuda Ashlag, etc. Bnei Baruch has
created a basic course in Kabbalah through its Web site, and is publishing
books for beginners in several languages, including Spanish, German and
Russian. The latest publication by Bnei Baruch, A Comprehension of the
Worlds Beyond, is available in English and Russian.
I was raised in a religion other than Judaism. It is my belief there are
more gods, more holy spirits, etc., than are mentioned in Kabbalah.
And isn’t the purpose of creation to give man a better life in this
world, as well as the world to come? I look around me and see what
a terrible place this world can be.
There exists only the Creator and man. The purpose of creation is to ascend
to the upper worlds while being in this world. This can be done if man’s
thoughts and desires are equivalent to the desires and thoughts of the upper
worlds, a subject taught in Kabbalah. One who wants to ascend and reach
the goal of creation (which is each man’s personal goal in life, or he must
return to this world after his death) must think positively about all creation.
I am beginning to understand that I must take responsibility for my
own actions, my own ego. I want to attain a more spiritual level in
my life. Where do I start? And if I study Kabbalah, will I be able to
act freely?