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creatures have this desire to receive. Therefore, all who want to participate
in the process of correction may do so. The correction is a process of
exchanging one’s intentions from egoistic to altruistic ones, i.e., from the
benefit of oneself to the benefit of the Creator. It is hoped that all mankind
will be involved in this process.
I am interested in learning more about Kabbalah. Isn’t it essential
for a beginning student like myself to first study the Bible, the
written and the oral law for many years, before I begin learning
Kabbalah, or can I start now?
There are no prerequisite conditions to studying Kabbalah. All that is needed
is one’s curiosity and the will to learn. Through the study of Kabbalah one
learns how to be similar to the spiritual world in one’s deeds and thoughts.
I have heard rumors that a rabbi or Kabbalah student put a spell on
someone so he would die. My questions: Is such a thing possible?
And if so, is there a spell that can be said? Also, I have purchased
several books related to “good” magical practices and would like to
know if you can steer me in the right direction as far as some of
these books go.
I do not know what books you have bought, but they do not deal with the
true Kabbalah. Kabbalah is not about magic. Through study and reading you
can gain a better understanding of Kabbalah. We recommend several types
of readings, e.g., the articles we prepare in which we teach about the stages
of man’s development along his spiritual course. While it is important to
study with a teacher and in a group setting, you can access these articles
through our Web site, and special prayer books that we produce.
Seven years ago, I began my search for God, the Creator, the Father.
Along the way my entire life was destroyed and I lost everything I
held dear. One day I told Him, “I will not give up until you answer
me! You are all I have left.” Now I have begun to experience lights
around people and animals. Isn’t this a manifestation of Kabbalah? I
want to know God and to develop spiritually.
Your situation is precisely what motivates man to study Kabbalah. The way
to know God is very difficult and requires specific study. And only after a
spiritual feeling becomes revealed to him, does a man understand that his
former feelings were just products of his imagination. One cannot feel God
until he ascends to the upper worlds by turning all his egoistic characteristics
into altruistic ones.
I understand that the word Kabbalah is from the Hebrew verb
lekabbel, to receive. What does this mean and what is the purpose of
In the beginning, the Creator alone existed. He created a general desire to
receive. This desire to receive is called The First Man (Adam HaRishon). In
order to enable The First Man to communicate with the Creator, the general
desire to receive has been divided into many parts. The purpose of the
creation is to achieve communion with the Creator, because only in such a
state can man achieve fulfillment, endless tranquility and happiness.
Does this imply that at some time in the distant future, there will be