A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbala HTML version

level of the Creator. But then we start to rise from this level by correcting
our desire. We then discover another reality surrounding us, although no
change actually occurs. We change within ourselves, and following the
change, become aware of other elements surrounding us. Later, these
elements disappear and we feel everything is due solely to the Creator, the
Almighty. The elements we begin to gradually discover are called worlds.
We should not try to imagine spiritual reality, but should sense it. Imagining
it merely distances us from its reach. Kabbalists reach the upper worlds
through their senses, just as we reach out to the material world. The worlds
stand between us and the Creator, hiding Him from us. As Baal HaSulam
writes, it is as if the worlds filter the light for us. We can then see reality
surrounding us in a different way. In fact, we will discover that there is
nothing between us and the Creator.
All these disturbances, these worlds between us, hide Him from us. They are
masks placed on our senses. We do not see Him in his true form; we see
only fractured elements. In Hebrew, the origin of the word Olam (world) is
alama” (concealing). Part of the light is transmitted, and part is hidden. The
higher the world, the less hidden the Creator is.
Those in this world paint different pictures of reality differently. Logic dictates
that reality should be uniform to everyone. Nevertheless, one hears one
thing, another hears something else, one sees one thing, and another sees it
Baal HaSulam illustrates this by using electricity as an example: We have in
our homes an electric socket that contains abstract energy which cools,
heats, creates a vacuum or pressure depending on the appliance using it,
and on the ability of the appliance to utilize the electricity. Yet the energy
has no form of its own, and remains abstract. The appliance reveals the
potential found in the electricity.
We can say the same about the upper light, the Creator that has no form.
Each person feels the Creator according to the level of his correction. At the
beginning of his studies, a person can see only that his reality exists, and is
unable to sense any higher force.
He gradually discovers, through using his senses, the true, expanded reality.
At a more advanced stage, if he corrects all his senses according to the light
around him, there will be no separation between himself and the light,
between man and the Creator. It will be as if there is no difference between
their characteristics. The person then achieves godliness in the real sense.
Godliness is the highest level of spirituality.
How can a beginner master this science when he cannot even properly
understand his teacher? The answer is very simple. It is only possible when
we spiritually lift ourselves up above this world.
Only if we rid ourselves of all of the traces of material egoism and accept
attaining spiritual values as our true goal. Only the longing and the passion
for spirituality in our world – that is the key to the higher world.