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incorporated into it, as far as our ability to comprehend allows us. We do not
hear what is happening elsewhere. What we regard as hearing comes as the
response of our eardrums to external stimuli. We do not know what is
causing it. We simply know that our eardrum reacts from within us. We
assess it internally and accept it as an external event. We do not know what
is happening outside of ourselves; we merely comprehend the reaction of our
senses to it.
As in the example of hearing, so it is with our other senses: sight, taste,
touch and smell. That means that we can never exit our “box.” Whatever we
say about what is happening externally is in fact the picture we paint inside
us. This restriction can never be overcome.
The study of Kabbalah can assist us in expanding the borders of our natural
senses to achieve the sixth sense, through which we can become acquainted
with the reality around and within us. This reality is the true reality. Through
it, we will be able to experience the reaction of our senses externally. If we
direct all of our five senses correctly, we will see the true picture of reality.
We need merely to internalize the characteristics of the spiritual world.
It is like a radio that is able to tune into a certain wavelength. The
wavelength exists outside of the radio, which receives and responds to it.
This example applies to us, too. If we experience at least one tiny spark of
the spiritual world, we will begin to feel it within ourselves.
During his development, the Kabbalist acquires more and more spiritual
characteristics, thereby connecting to all the levels of the spiritual world, all
built on the same principle. When a person studies Kabbalah, he begins to
understand, to feel, to assess and work with all realities, both spiritual and
material, without differentiating between them. The Kabbalist reaches the
spiritual world while encased in his body in this world. He feels the two
worlds without any border separating them.
Only when a person experiences this true reality can he see the reasons for
what is happening to him here. He understands the consequences of his
actions. He then begins to be practical for the first time, living, feeling
everything and knowing what he should do with himself and his life.
Prior to this recognition he does not have the ability to know why he was
born, who he is and the consequences of his actions. Everything is enclosed
within the borders of the material world, and the way he enters it is also the
way he leaves it.
In the meantime, we are all at the level called “This World.” Our senses are
equally limited; therefore, we are capable only of seeing the same picture.
Baal HaSulam writes, “All upper and lower worlds are included in man.”
This is the key sentence for anyone interested in the wisdom of Kabbalah and
living the reality around him. The reality around us includes upper worlds as
well as this world; together, they are part of man.
For the time being, we understand this world through material, physical
elements. However, we add several elements when we study, through which
we discover additional elements. It allows us to see things we cannot see
At first our level is very low, as we are located diametrically opposite the