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Chapter 10: Sensing Reality
through Kabbalah
Part I
Everything we know about our world is based on man-made study. Every
generation studies our world and conveys its knowledge to the following
generation. Through it, each generation comprehends the sort of framework
in which he should live, and what his position is in relation to other
generations. In each era, mankind uses the world surrounding him.
The same process takes place in spiritualism. Every generation of Kabbalists
from Abraham onwards studies and discovers the spiritual worlds. Just as in
scientific research, they pass along the knowledge they have attained to
future generations.
In this world we have a general sense, called the desire to receive, with five
receptors, which are our five senses. When a person undergoes a correction,
he attains the sixth sense, known as the spiritual sense. This sense enables
him to feel the spiritual reality. It is not in the same category as the other
five senses whatsoever.
Part II
Scientists, too, use only their five senses. Any instrument – precise,
advanced, technical, mechan-ical or otherwise – we regard as “objective.”
But these instruments merely expand the limits of our senses so that we may
hear, see, smell, taste and touch more intricately. Ultimately, it is man who
examines, measures and assesses the results of research, through his five
senses. Obviously, he cannot provide an exact, objective answer to what is
accomplished by the senses. Kabbalah, the source of all wisdom, enables us
to do this.
When starting to study reality, we discover that we cannot study or
understand that which is beyond us since it is unknown and unrevealed to
us. If we cannot see it or touch or taste it, we may question whether it really
exists. Only Kabbalists, those who attain a higher abstract upper light beyond
our senses, are able to comprehend our true reality.
Kabbalists tell us that beyond our senses there is only an abstract upper
light, called the Creator. Imagine that we are in the middle of the ocean,
within a sea of light. We can sense all kinds of feelings that seem to be