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affected by it, we will cease doing that which is prohibited; we will insist on
the right thing and we will do it. Then we will discover harmony between the
real world and ourselves.
In the meantime, we unconsciously err, then realize we have erred. It may
appear that there is no possibility of escape. That is why mankind finds itself
more and more in a blind alley, mired in increasingly difficult dilemmas. We
will discover that there is no alternative to recognizing the spiritual world of
which we are a part. This recognition will lead us to a new situation in which
we will consciously begin to act as one collective body, and not just as
All people are connected to one another in one soul, from one generation of
souls to the next. We all possess collective responsibility. That is why the
Kabbalist is regarded as “founder of the world.” He influences the entire
world, and the world influences him.
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