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However, the contrary is true since in the next round, we will be even more
cruel, demanding, exacting and aggressive.
The Creator wants us to be filled with spiritual pleasure, to be complete. That
is possible only through great desire. Only with a corrected desire can we
truly reach the spiritual world and become strong and active. If our desire is
small, while it cannot do great harm, it also cannot do much good. Desire is
called corrected only when it functions out of the proper influence. It does
not exist in us automatically, but is acquired while studying Kabbalah in the
correct manner.
A pyramid of souls exists, based on the desire to receive. At the base of the
pyramid are many souls with small desires, earthly, looking for a comfortable
life in an animal-like manner: food, sex, sleep. The next layer comprises
fewer souls, those with the urge to acquire wealth. These are people who are
willing to invest their entire lives in making money, and who sacrifice
themselves for the sake of being rich.
Next are those that will do anything to control others, to govern and reach
positions of power. An even greater desire, felt by even fewer souls, is for
knowledge; these are scientists and academics, who spend their lives
engaged in discovering something specific. They are interested in nothing but
their all-important discovery.
Located at the zenith of the pyramid is the strongest desire, developed by
only a small few, for the attainment of the spiritual world. All these levels are
built into the pyramid.
Man also has the same pyramid of desires within him, which he must
overturn so that its sheer weight will compel him to aim for the purest desire,
the infinite desire for truth. He must reject and discard all his earthly egoistic
desires and put every effort and energy into increasing the desire for
spirituality. He achieves this through the proper way of studying.
When a person truly wishes to increase his longing for spirituality, then the
light around him, the spiritual world hidden from him, starts to reflect back
on him, making him long for it even more. At this stage, group study under a
Kabbalist’s guidance is crucial. [See the chapter on “How to Study
A major change in the souls descending today lies in the fact that we are
starting to see around us a definite desire to achieve a spiritual system. Even
ordinary people are seeking something spiritual, something beyond our
Although this “spirituality” may include all sorts of shortcuts, magic tricks
and esoteric teachings and groups promising answers to those who join
them, nevertheless, it bespeaks of the search for a different reality. If a
generation displays a stronger desire within the souls themselves, a new
method, suited to these souls, will emerge.
In the last fifteen years there has been swift and active development in the
descent of new souls. The desire of these souls is much stronger and more
genuine. It is directed at achieving the real truth and nothing else.
When we truly comprehend how reality applies to us and how we are