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souls descend into this reality of wearing a body goes from light to heavy.
The soul of the first man comprises many parts and many desires, some
light, others heavy, based on the amount of egoism and cruelty they
possess. They come into our world, the lighter ones first, the heavier ones
following. Accordingly, correction requirements differ.
In their descent into the world, souls have gathered experience from their
suffering. This is called the path of suffering, as this experience develops the
soul. Each time it is reincarnated, it has an increased unconscious urge to
seek answers to questions on its existence, its roots, and the importance of
man’s life.
Accordingly, there are souls that are less developed, and souls that are more
so. The latter have such an enormous urge to recognize the truth that they
cannot limit themselves to the confinements of this world. If they are given
the right tools, the proper books and instruction, they will attain recognition
of the spiritual world. Kabbalah also describes the descending souls as pure
or as less refined. It is a measurement in direct proportion to how much the
souls require for correction. Souls requiring a greater correction are called
less refined.
As different souls descend, they require different guidance and correction,
unique for that generation’s souls. This is why in each generation there are
people who lead us in our spiritual progress. They write books and form
study groups in order to convey the method of discovery of the reality that is
most suited to that generation. In this, the media age, they may appear on
television, radio and most recently, on the Internet.
In the beginning (before the soul of Ari appeared), there was an era of
experience gathering and perseverance in this world. The souls’ existence
was sufficient in order to make progress toward correction. The suffering
they accumulated added urgency to their souls to relieve their suffering. The
desire to leave their suffering behind was the motivating force behind the
development of the generations.
That era continued until the 16th century, when the Ari appeared and wrote
that from his generation onwards, men, women and children in all the
nations of the world could, and were required to, engage in Kabbalah. The
reason was that the time had arrived in the development of generations, in
which souls descending into the world were able to recognize true reality and
were ready to complete their correction by the special method the Ari had
developed. They could achieve what was required of them.
Souls have but one desire – while existing within physical bodies – to return
to their roots, to the level they were before their descent. Physical bodies,
with their desire to receive, pull them back into this world. Man consciously
wishes to rise spiritually. The great effort spent on the friction created by this
dichotomy is what assists him in rising 620 times above his previous level.
If a soul does not complete its task, the next time it descends into the world,
it will reincarnate more deserving of correction.
Sometimes, we believe that we should deny our desires and longing so that
in the next reincarnation we will be more successful. We think we should not
desire anything except a little nutrition and lying in the sun, as would a cat.