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Chapter 8: Reincarnation and
Part I
None of us are new souls; we all have accumulated experiences from
previous lives in other incarnations. In each generation over the past six
thousand years, souls have descended that were here on previous occasions.
They are not new souls, but souls of a different kind that attained some form
of spiritual development.
Souls descend to earth in a special order: They enter the world cyclically. The
number of souls is not infinite; they return again and again, progressing
toward correction. They are encased in new physical bodies that are more or
less the same, but the types of souls that descend are different. This is
referred to nowadays as reincarnation. Kabbalists use another term: the
development of generations.
This intertwining, the connection of the soul and body, assists in the
correction of the soul. Man is referred to as “soul,” not “body.” The body
itself can be replaced, just as organs can now be replaced. The body is useful
only in that it serves as an encasement through which the soul can work.
Each generation physically resembles the previous one, but they are different
from one another because each time the souls descend with the added
experience of their previous lives here. They arrive with renewed strength
obtained while they were in heaven.
Part II
Thus, each generation possesses different desires and goals from the
previous one. This leads to the specific development of each generation.
Even a generation that does not reach the desire to know true reality or God-
like recognition accomplishes the task by the suffering it endures. That is its
way of making progress toward true reality.
All souls are derived from one, called Adam HaRishon (the soul of the first
man). This does not refer to Adam as a mere personality from the Bible. It is
a concept of spiritual, inner reality. Parts of the soul of the first man descend
into the world, taking the form of bodies, leading to a connection between
body and soul. Reality is directed in such a manner that the souls descend
and correct themselves. When they enter into body form they raise their
level 620 times above the level from which they began. The order in which