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Chapter 7: Spirituality and
Part I
Man is incapable of making a move without there being some advantage in it
for him. In order to act, he must first see how he may gain from it. This gain
serves as the fuel that gets him moving. The fuel is either the immediate or
future gain he envisages. If a person does not feel there is any profit, he will
immediately halt his actions. That is because man cannot exist without
feeling he will gain something.
The Kabbalah teaches man how to receive. In order to attain spirituality a
person must expand his will to receive. He must expand his will to absorb all
worlds, including this one. This is the purpose for which he was created. It is
not necessary to become a monk or ascetic, or steer away from life. On the
contrary, Kabbalah obliges man to marry, bear children and work and live a
full life. Nothing has to be given up; everything was created for a reason,
and man need not withdraw from life.
When a person begins to study Kabbalah, he may have no spiritual feelings,
and therefore he embarks on the learning process with the aid of his
intellect. We are supposed to open our heart through our intellect. When the
heart develops, we feel what is right and what is not, and are naturally
drawn to the right decisions and actions.
Part II
The Kabbalists begin by teaching spirituality in small doses, to allow the
students to expand their will to receive more light, more awareness, more
spiritual feeling. Increased will brings with it a greater depth, understanding
and attainment. A person then reaches the highest level of spirituality he can
attain, to the roots of his soul.