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reasons for his existence in this world. He takes control of his life, thereby
attaining his goal – tranquility, pleasure and completeness – while he is still
in this world.
In the Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot it is written: “If we put our
hearts into answering just one famous question, I am sure all questions and
doubts will disappear from the horizon and we will find they are gone. And
that tiny question is – What is the point of our lives?”
Anyone attracted to the study of Kabbalah due to this question is welcome to
study Kabbalah. The one who reaches serious study feels this question and
asks himself constantly: “What is the point of our lives?” This is what urges
him to search and find answers.
People want quick cures. They want to learn about magic, meditation and
healing associated with Kabbalah. They are not truly interested in the
revelation of the upper worlds, or in learning the methods of reaching
spiritual realms. This does not qualify as a genuine desire to study Kabbalah.
When the time is right and the need is there, a person will look for a
framework of study and will not be satisfied until he finds one. Everything
depends on the root of man’s soul and that point of his heart. A true desire
within his heart to discover and feel the upper worlds will lead him to the
way of Kabbalah.
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