A Growing Opposition to the Doctrine of Hell HTML version

2. EDWARD FUDGE: Was also a writer for “Truth Magazine” and
numerous other periodicals. His book, “The Fire That
Consumes” has gone through many printing and has been in
print for many years. (Church of Christ).
3. WILLIAM ROBERT WEST: His book, “Unconditional
Immortality Or Resurrection Of The Dead” is now in print in
it’s third update available at:
It is available free on line at:
https://wwwrobertwr.com/resurrection.pdf and has had more
than 620,000 downloads and growing daily. (Church of Christ).
4. MOSES E. LORD: One of the best-known preachers and
writers in the church of Christ. "'For the wages of sin is death.'
It always pays. Whether the sinner stipulates for his wages or
not, he is sure to receive it. What the wages of sin are, the
apostle here tells us: it is eternal death. How astounding the
fact that so many should serve for such a reward!"
Commentary on Romans, Page 218, 1875, Gospel Light
Publishing Company. Also his book "Do The Holy Scriptures
Teach The Endlessness Of Future Punishment? I have been
unable to find a copy of his book but found this about it by
Steven Clark Goad in “church of Christ Christian Podcast.” He
said in a recent conversation he had with Jimmy Allen of
Harding University, Jimmy Allen said that he was rethinking
and restudying the traditional understanding of hell. That
Jimmy Allen of Harding University shared with him more that
confidentiality he would not be allow to repeat, but Jimmy
Allen at Harding University sent him a copy of a paper by
Moses E. Lard, 1879, “Do the Holy Scriptures Teach the
Endlessness of Future Punishment?” Steven Clark Goad said
this booklet by Moses E. Lord is a magnificent word study of
the Greek word aion draws many of the conclusions he had
outlined at:
on-punishment-of-the-wicked/ and this booklet by Lard points
out that his understanding is not new or something a few
harebrained fanatics have recently thought up to stir
controversy. (Church of Christ)