A Growing Opposition to the Doctrine of Hell


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Download this FREE e-Book for a discussion about the growing opposition to the doctrine of Hell in the Church of Christ and many other churches. Perhaps unknown to many Christians is the fact that there is a growing opposition to the doctrine of Hell that has been taught from the pulpit for many years. Most of the preachers who do come out against it, simply say nothing about it. Also discussed is the vanishing Hell from the preaching in many churches; the vanishing Hell from the many translations of the Bible. Plus--24 versions of Hell; how Hell was put into the Bible; and the results of religious people attributing evil pagan teachings to God. Download this FREE e-Book today!

Fred Helstone

And rightfully soul, because it's pure fairy stuff, primitive supersatition, no evidence whatsoever.

Julie Reeves

Bad English plus bad theology. Makes you think and want to dig into scripture more though.


God will force no man to heaven. Fortunately mr West clearly has very little experience with real wickedness and the pain that comes both from Gods presence (when your soul is in a state of wickedness) and his absence. Hell is an unavoidable byproduct of rejecting good. And forcing us to accept his goodness would be its own kind of communist torture. God can only have willing followers. The only alternative to hell would be a prison in heaven forcing people who didn't want to be in Gods kingdom on earth to stay in his kingdom in heaven. Absurd.


The real meaning of hell is the condition of a soul separated from God eternally. The Bible is very specific of a hell, a lake of fire and the total separation for eternity related to those that does not accepted Christ as a Savior. No one can tell specific place where hell is or how it really looks but it does exists. What we, Christians, called hell, as it is quoted in the Bible, other religions called other names. So, if one think hell is an invention of Christians, you are wrong.


There are 6 mentions of fire in hell; but 229 mentions of fire in heaven! 15/18 of Jesus mentions of hell, was about us, now. Hell is true here, and it is most certainly occupied. Hell is true there, and it is occupied as well; but the primary emphasis of Jesus' teachings was not how to go to heaven someday. His teachings were primary the emphasis was: hey, how can we take whatever's in heaven, and bring it right here to the earth? (excerpt taken from: Be the Salt and Light, by Shane Willard)


Hell was an invention - both political and social - of powerful men to secure their rule and positions of privilege through the control of the minds and lives of believers through fear. It was/is a psychological tool intended to create a dogmatic mindset that brainwashes people into accptance of their current, " earthly" miseries and misfortunes without quarrel or question by offering the spurious option of bliss or greater misery after death dependent upon the level of obedience to dogma and doctrine dictated by those whose sole motivation is to matain social, political and spiritual control over the greater populous to their own, worldly and personal advantage.It polarizes people by fostering attitudes of false enlightenment and superiorty in the minds of "true believers" and deep set enmityby those believers toward those who do not share their heartfelt beliefs.It is mind manipulation of the most heinous kind.


Not Believing in Hell is a Horrific stance to have. The Lake of Fire is not a new Disney ride. Put your hand over a flame and see how long you can keep it there. Now imagine your very Soul Burning directly in the Lake Of Fire Forever. There are many Scriptures talking about a very real place called Hell. God is Merciful but he is NOT a liar either. What he said about Hell is Absolute Truth!!


I agree with the other "dislike" comments. I believe the Bible and it's description of a REAL "hell". But just for a minute, say this guy is right and there is no real hell, forever torment, etc. I have lost nothing by believing in a real hell and being saved from it, by accepting Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.But YOU, who think there is no "hell" so you don't need saving, WOW, if the Bible is right and you don't believe, so therefore will find out too late... what have you lost???? Eternity, forever, no end of eternal punishment...think about it...


This book makes a lot of good points that God is far more merciful than to endlessly torment His creations.

Matthew Kratz

A blantant ignoring of much of scripture warning of rejecting God

Wayne Douglas Markle

Although the author is wrong that we believe " Jesus was not the Son of God " (I think that he is saying such) and the "hell" discussion is a bit hard to follow (yes, we believe "hell" is the grave. No, not a burning, eternal "hell". I.E. Sheol, the grave), I thank him for this tome. Another book "Quenched" here on free-ebooks, is also very good. Thanx to Mr. West for all his books here. I would ask that Mr. West check these online versions for accuracy as there seem to be some missing commas and such. A little hard to follow. Some text versions of books have various "scan" erors.


Don't let satan win. he is the great deciever and father of lies! He loves this book.

michelle Kelley

The Bible was God inspired, this book was man inspired. I think I'll put my faith in the Bible (God). The fact that there IS a hell does not mean God does not love. "For God so loved that world that he sent his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:14) Jesus died to save us from hell. If we choose not to except that gift then all that does is show our own ignorance and selfishness.

Paolo E. Castellina

Wants to undermine the Biblical doctrine of hell.

D. Barry Carmell

Wish every Christians would read this book!


William West

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