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The Author
Gary L Beer born in Kent, England and of English and
Welsh descent became a traveller at an early age. The
travels to the mountains of Wales with his parents as a
child instilled in him a wanderlust that has remained to
this day.
After raising a family a new life was forced upon him
and taking up the challenge Gary went to university and
achieved a BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry following
this with a Masters Degree in Chemistry, studying nano-
particle science at the very cutting edge of technology.
Able to turn his hand to most things in life he has
worked as a Carpenter, Steeplejack, Car Mechanic,
Panel beater, Chemist and Teacher.
Gary has written many popular novels;
Journey Thru America My Quest For Peace
Journey Thru America The Way Home
A Good Find
Starship Stinedern
Belief of the Reborn
Gary L Beer the popular travel writer delves into the
realms of fiction and presents us with a fascinating
crime thriller.
Three friends go for a cycle ride along the North Kent
coast and find a bag of money belonging to local
smugglers and drug dealers. The drug dealers are soon
hot on their trail to regain their money and the three
friends soon find themselves in very serious trouble.
With twists and turns a complicated web of deceit