A Gay Humanist Manifesto HTML version

Humanism is a rational system of thought in which the primary
objectives are human happiness and fulfilment, not adherence to
supernatural beliefs. Humanism can be defined as working with
others for the common good, or “Being good for goodness sake”.
This booklet is a manifesto - not in the sense of being a political
party's pitch for votes - but in the sense of proposing a humanist
view of the world specifically relevant to lesbians and gay men.
Though written for lesbian and gay humanists, what it says may be
of interest to others who are not gay, or who may be religious.
Arguments are put forward to support the following propositions:
human characteristics vary from one individual to
another; this variation is natural and desirable - it
helps us to adapt and survive in a changing world;
human sexuality varies a lot; millions are strongly
driven by sexual attraction to others of the same
our sexual desires are deeply rooted in our
personalities; with sexual love, as with relationships
between human beings generally, variety should be
expected to occur;
we should use observation and reason to develop our
understanding of the world around us, testing our
ideas out when practicable; we should challenge
beliefs based on superstition, supposed messages from
a god or gods, or traditions, especially those which
conflict with rational understanding;