A Fortnight from God (A Dialogue with Dom) HTML version

(A Dialogue with Dom)
By Richie Cooley
Licensed by:
Richie Cooley (2015)
Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 International
Cover vector by: Mcherevan
Email: fundamentalist.fiction@yahoo.co.uk
(The following short story mainly uses British spelling.)
Peter lifted his heavy bag up to the clerk and handed
her his ticket. It was a relief to be checked in with a
little bit of time to spare; he glanced at his watch,
wondering if the few minutes left before boarding
would afford him the opportunity to order some
proper food. He walked down the long corridor and,
not wanting to rush, decided just ordering a drink at a
bar would be a safer option. Besides, there‟d be plenty
of time to eat a proper meal after arriving in Tahiti