A Flower Unfolds HTML version

This work is a presentation of channeled information received
by Marjorie from Kwan Yin, known in the Buddhist faith as a
Bodhisattva; a being of enlightenment who is dedicated to the
enlightenment of all.
The Eyes of Kwan Yin is not a Buddhist organization, but is
also dedicated to help with the spiritual enlightenment of all,
especially through the teachings of Kwan Yin and the Ascended
The use of the words “little ones” is an endearing phrase that
Kwan Yin uses to describe all of us here on earth who are
incarnated at this time. I think of it as if we are all her children,
growing spiritually under her guidance.
The word “God” was used in these messages by Kwan Yin,
but one could substitute this with Buddha Nature, All That Is, or
any term describing the Intelligent Universal Energy which
makes up all things. We are all One, all beings of the same