A Family Man HTML version

MAYOR. Mr Chantrey?
HARRIS. On his way, sir.
MAYOR. I've had some awkward things to deal with in my time, 'Arris, but this is
just about the [Sniffs] limit.
HARRIS. Most uncomfortable, Sir; most uncomfortable!
MAYOR. Put a book on the chair, 'Arris; I like to sit 'igh.
[HARRIS puts a volume of Eneyclopaedia on the Mayor's chair behind the
[Deeply] Our fellow-magistrate! A family man! In my shoes next year. I suppose
he won't be, now. You can't keep these things dark.
HARRIS. I've warned Martin, sir, to use the utmost discretion. Here's Mr
[By the door Left, a pleasant and comely gentleman has entered, dressed with
indefinable rightness in shooting clothes.]
MAYOR. Ah, Chantrey!
CHANTREY. How de do, Mr Mayor? [Nodding to HARRIS] This is extraordinarily
[The MAYOR nods.]
What on earth's he been doing?
HARRIS. Assaulting one of his own daughters with a stick; and resisting the
CHANTREY. [With a low whistle] Daughter! Charity begins at home.
HARRIS. There's a black eye.
MAYOR. Whose?
HARRIS. The constable's.
CHANTREY. How did the police come into it?