A Family Man

MAYOR. Mr Chantrey?
HARRIS. On his way, sir.
MAYOR. I've had some awkward things to deal with in my time, 'Arris, but this is
just about the [Sniffs] limit.
HARRIS. Most uncomfortable, Sir; most uncomfortable!
MAYOR. Put a book on the chair, 'Arris; I like to sit 'igh.
[HARRIS puts a volume of Eneyclopaedia on the Mayor's chair behind the
[Deeply] Our fellow-magistrate! A family man! In my shoes next year. I suppose
he won't be, now. You can't keep these things dark.
HARRIS. I've warned Martin, sir, to use the utmost discretion. Here's Mr
[By the door Left, a pleasant and comely gentleman has entered, dressed with
indefinable rightness in shooting clothes.]
MAYOR. Ah, Chantrey!
CHANTREY. How de do, Mr Mayor? [Nodding to HARRIS] This is extraordinarily
[The MAYOR nods.]
What on earth's he been doing?
HARRIS. Assaulting one of his own daughters with a stick; and resisting the
CHANTREY. [With a low whistle] Daughter! Charity begins at home.
HARRIS. There's a black eye.
MAYOR. Whose?
HARRIS. The constable's.
CHANTREY. How did the police come into it?