A Doll's House HTML version

Nora. Well!
Mrs. Linde. Gone out of town.
Nora. I could tell from your face.
Mrs. Linde. He is coming home tomorrow evening. I wrote a note for him.
Nora. You should have let it alone; you must prevent nothing. After all, it is
splendid to be waiting for a wonderful thing to happen.
Mrs. Linde. What is it that you are waiting for?
Nora. Oh, you wouldn't understand. Go in to them, I will come in a moment. (Mrs.
LINDE goes into the dining-room. NORA stands still for a little while, as if to
compose herself. Then she looks at her watch.) Five o'clock. Seven hours until
midnight; and then four-and-twenty hours until the next midnight. Then the
Tarantella will be over. Twenty-four and seven? Thirty-one hours to live.
Helmer (from the doorway on the right). Where's my little skylark?
Nora (going to him with her arms outstretched). Here she is!