A Deadly Suggestion HTML version

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 (The Scene)
Chapter 2 (Best Friends Forever)
Chapter 3 (Poor Sap)
Chapter 4 (Reality Can Be Brutal)
Chapter 5 (Dr Jekyll or Mr. Hyde)
Chapter 6 (Same Accident, Different State)
Chapter 7 (Gone Fishing)
Chapter 8 (My Sister's Missing)
Chapter 9 (Spin Cycle)
Chapter 10 (The Link)
Chapter 11 (No One Left)
Chapter 12 (The Phone Calls)
Chapter 13 (Bonanza)
Chapter 14 (Chasing an Alias)
Chapter 15 (His Phone Call)
Chapter 16 (A Cold Day in Heaven)
Chapter 17 (Nanoseconds to Launch)
Chapter 18 (So Many Q uestions, Not Enough Time)