A Deadly Suggestion HTML version

If anyone thinks that dedication of a book is just a perfunctory chore for the author, it
really isn‘t. Without the support and understanding of family and friends, obviously my first
book, ―A Deadly Suggestion,‖ couldn‘t have come about. With my starts and stops on its
writing came discussions of finding an editor, finding readers to give it a proper review, and my
splashing of my proposed book cover on their computer screen through the internet, just to see if
they thought it carried a come hither if you dare message. Even the dog got into the act, poking
her nose under my hand and flipping it off the keyboard, telling me it was time to go play instead
of type. Now that‘s one smart pooch.
So with all my heartfelt love and thanks I dedicate this book to all those who said,
―You‘re kidding,‖ when I told them I was writing a murder mystery thriller, my family and
friends who said, ―I want to read it,‖ and then gave it their stamp of approval, and to all those
readers who found my writing grabbed them by the throat and didn‘t let go until they‘d finished
the book. They can now exhale!