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F = G

M1M2 r2

This Mainstream science use as the foundation of all physics anywhere. They put mass and the distance that parts objects in a relevancy, in other words the one is a ratio to the other. The increase in one becomes the reducing of the other. When the distance is large, the influence of mass will be small and when the distance is small, the influence of mass will be overwhelming. Why then when taken into consideration that if it is mass that produces an inclining force of contraction as Newton says then…when the Universe was small it did not implode whereas, instead it did expand. After all, the radius was almost no factor at that point leaving the mass to enjoy an eternal power in relation to the non-existing radius.

When the Universe was at the point where the Big bang started, the radius was incredibly small. That would make the mass inducing gravity by contraction inconceivably large because the mass was completely overpowering all factors with the small radius. It did not bring about an implosion that the overbearing mass contraction was supposed to unleash on such a small Universe in the beginning

The more the radius develops in time, the lesser would the gravity be that the mass factor generates in relation to the advancing radii developing and the larger would the reducing be of all contraction. The effectiveness of force the mass produce will tarnish as the radius that separates the material from each other increases as time moves

Although it is presumed that the Universe was small at the dawn of the Big Bang, such presumption will put validity to another presumption that the gravity the mass charged at the time was enormous because the influence of the small distance in radii and the factor such distance produced promoted the factor, which the mass has to an enormous large factor. If an object is a million kilometres apart the radius is a million times more in value by dividing the mass influence than when objects are one kilometre apart. That is the most basic realisation about mathematics. It puts ratio to order and define coherency. That is what gravity is to the Universe as it puts respect to factors about the Universe in the Universe. It is what derives order in the Universe.

At the very same time we will find in a Universe that was supposedly so small it had a radius of less than only one kilometre, then at such a time when the Universe was still that small it must also be accepted that the gravity the mass charged was one million times greater as it would be when the radius keeping the structures apart is one million kilometres in distance. The extremely small radius that was only the size of one neutron in radii distance and with the factor that such a distance produces, it must promote the mass factor, which will support the mass in having an enormous large factor by relevancy to what the case must be at present. The mass factor that produces the gravity at any given point during the event of the Big Bang, had to be eternally larger at the dawn of the Big Bang while having an infinite radius, which gave gravity all the power it can have and which it will ever have.

If at the Big Bang there was not sufficient mass to destroy the radius and prevent the expanding from coming about, then the expanding won the match and there can be no contracting Universe as Newton had us to believe. If the Universe started a journey of parting objects no amount of dark matter that might lurk in the night sky and is at this moment hiding from detection will produce the gravity required to stop the expanding from continuing. At the start the expanding became evident and as the radii grows the inclination will suspend in influence as a factor. If there was insufficient mass at the start in order to tilt the balance in favour of the reducing factor, no amount of mass can ever accomplish such a goal afterwards. Then Newton’s surmising was one of corruption making that which all physics are based on fools thought and corrupted proof.

If you might be of the opinion that my accusing the greatest intellectual department in the world as being in misconduct and to your view such accusing is outrageous and far-fetched, then be my guest and judge the following with a clear and unbiased mind because when scrutinised with a clear view then the facts cannot fool an idiot. However, that is just what the physics paternity thinks the rest of us forming the general public at large are. They have the opinion that they can feed us in the public arena any senseless rotten garbage they dish up because they see us as being inferior by thought and mind.

With all this in mind did any one ever come to wonder about the all too famous Einstein’s critical density theory and the fact that this idea was conceived to conceal the corruption of Newton in physics? The fact in truth is that the Einstein’s critical density theory was a scheme plotted by those in charge to cover up and conceal corruption in the heart of physics. If Einstein was unable to recognise the most basic of mathematical principles then what type of genius did physics create in him and what slur did physics promote. This idea of the two factors being in opposing relevance is so simple that children will recognise the principle, and yet those fathers of physics wants me to believe that the greatest mathematician that ever lived did not realise this principle…the principle that the radius and the mass stands related and the growth in the one will promote the decline in the other as a dominant factor.

Can any one with this information including the information given on the previous page have any other conclusion? It is obviously clear that having such a total idea that there might be dark unseen mass floating in the Universe which at this time does not generate gravity but will some day because Newton has to be correct at some point in the future. I am to believe that dark undetected mass can be found and such undetectable mass could be found which will bring about contraction after all this expanding? Why would the mass at present then not activate gravity and why would the mass at some point spring to life and start activating gravity? How much can the Physics paternity still hide the fact that Einstein’s critical density is being used as a cover-up to distort the truth to conceal fraud?

The uncovering by the Hubble constant about of the Newton fraud is so simple to see. Hubble found the Universe is expanding and Newton’s said otherwise. Who is lying about what? Hubble’s declaration was on track to blow the cover that was concealing the Newton fraud wide open and uncover the centuries old deception. To see this we have only too look at the comet behaviour when any and all comets again come around on a cycle by repeated visiting the sun. The question is if it is mass pulling mass onto mass, then why do we have comets left in the solar system? The mass of the Sun should by now at least have destroyed every comet going around.

Every indication that we so far received in vivid portraying from astronomy photography studies from outer space disputes a shrinking Universe concept. From the moon increasing the radius distance between the earth and the sun, to the Hubble Constant indicating a space growing any where in space wherever man may conduct studies. Since the end of the middle ages a force called gravity was identified, but more than that science did not take it. What is gravity, besides being a force? What forces the force? I introduce a cosmic theory that turns the missing questions to answers.

Let us for one second return to the science we all know.
There is an undefined phenomenon in the cosmos, never mentioned (in public) because it obscures the basic formula

M1MGF = r2

Lets put the mathematical formula into a practical context.
By reducing r would bring about the same result as enlarging the mass factor of the cosmic objects i.e. the Sun and the planets. It is a very drastic implication that will cause much more than just seasons changing. It must bring about that gravity changes through out the year…yet the radius does constantly change, therefore…
The closer any two cosmic objects come the stronger the force should be, with eventually no force in the Universe being able too keep them apart. This is just not happening!!!

There is no indication of truth about a contracting solar system as Newton proposed and as Newton’s followers promote and or a contracting Universe as seen from the Hubble as he introduced has Hubble Constant…and not from any other evidence seen through the Hubble Telescope.

As explained, there is some discrepancies about calculating the force of gravity, because gravity would apply as nicely as it does if it was the perfect balance, a balance exist in space of equal measure bringing about equal seasonal time.
The biggest discrepancy and a practical denouncing the official version of
the comet’s flight around

the Sun


Sun M1 XGX comet M1



The Sun gets a grip on the comet by mass inflicting gravity and as it gets hold of the comet it drags the comet through the solar system straight ahead to the Sun just as Newton predicted the Sun with all its gravity producing gravity will do. There was no hint of a circle forming at any stage.

Comet M2


Sun M1 XGX2r


As Newton had said the gravity that the Sun and the comet mass induce pull the comet to the Sun. As we all know the comet moves to the center of the Sun just as Newton predicted with a slight complication and a change in the venue, the comet no longer aims to the center of the Sun but aims at a target outside the limits of the space that the Sun occupies.

M1 Sun M1


comet M2 XGX




One should give Newton the benefit of the doubt and disregard this miss the position that the comet is aiming at. It could be that the gravity was not generated strong enough to locate the center at such a great distance as the comet was at first. It could be that the reducing of the radius comes in installments of a few circles. The comet might just take a cycle or two to wind down as the radius reduce and one should wait and see if it is not that which Newton meant when he said the mass by the mass is dismissing the radius between the objects. The formula Newton suggested did not make any room for a circle of any sort to form the trajectory of a planet or a comet trajectory.

M1 Sun M1


comet M2







F=M1M G Explains the first sketch.r2

Alas, it is not what the comets intends to do because the comet breaks the strangle hold of the Sun and what ever was pulling the comet at first is doing all the pushing at this point because the comet is surging into the darkness of the abyss. The comet speed away from the Sun and also at the same pace it was heading towards the Sun and there is no altering to the speed in any way. The comet seems very much unaware of the comet behaving in opposition to what the great Newton predicted with his formula.

The comet performs all the other maneuvers as the sketches indicate, which Newton’s formula totally ignores. If the formula forms the basis of all physics used by science, the basics, which are around for hundreds of years, are trash and simply does not perform as it is supposed to. For many hundreds of years every person in physics were aware of this flaw but did nothing about it.

The lot that was filling the Universe was growing apart. In some case he said the lot was racing apart. The Universe was growing by miles and not shrinking into nothing. The Universe was blowing apart! The main discoverer had a name and a position of seniority, which prevented others from pushing his opinion aside. The man was E.P. Hubble. Through his telescope any one could see that the Universe was expanding and the expansion was most rapid.

I am sure at the time all the Newtonian con artists were well aware of Newtonian shortfall in logical proof but this Hubble fellow was going to open a can of worms no one in science was able to face. How would the crooks that pretended to be the wise explain that Newton’s contracting gravity was part of Newton’s wild imagination? What would then happen if those that should know less then became wise and started to ask more questions about what the lot in conspiracy were hiding for (at the time) say about two hundred and fifty years? What is going to happen when the entire world learned that those academics in physics that was pretending to be the most brilliant among men was uncovered as the most stupid crawling the earth. What would happen if every one saw Newton was wrong all along and started demanding answers!

Every one was sharing the Newtonian vision of a contracting Universe where the lot would one day again come together and Creation will end where Creation started some time ago. The Universe has mass that is pulling mass towards one another and we are in the centre of an ever shrinking Universe. That is what the lot of us can see… we are forming the centre of the ever contracting having cosmos where every Newtonian can vividly see with his or her eyes through any telescope that all Newtonians minded scientists are sharing the centre stage of the ever collapsing Universe. The Universe is about to end where all mass contracts into one huge lump of material.
This unleashed a problem the world had no name for. Everything known to science was at that point devastatingly unknown to science. The world was expanding and not contracting which made the Universe quite wrong. It is impossible to have any vision about Newton being wrong. Newton could never be wrong because Newton was never wrong yet…so if the Universe is out of step with science, then science will correct such an abnormality by finding a way to defraud science and postpone the correcting that the Universe had to comply with since the Universe owed the Master Newton some apology. Did the Universe not know that he whom never can be wrong is in name Isaac Newton! Decisive action was needed. At this point I cannot believe that the most brilliant minds were so naïve and therefore I must suspect deliberate deception. Hubble was far too prominent to blow away and Newton was found wanting. At that point they put the onus of proof not on Newton but turned the focus away from Newton to what the presented as the guilty party. When will the Universe confirm its incorrectness by affirming Newton’s obvious correctness? If they had to admit that Newton was wrong, the most intellectual science then had to admit they had nothing to show for all their minds brilliant work.

Science that was defying the likeliness of a living God stood bare and naked for all to see. They put the onus of proof and converting onto the cosmos. They asked not Newton but the cosmos when will the cosmos come clean and prove Newton correct, maintaining their unshakable belief that even the cosmos could be at blame but Newton could never be wrong. . When will the cosmos admit to a mistake and set its crooked ways straight. When will it meet its diverting from Newton and reach a point where the Universe will finally come to comply with what Newton demands. It is the cosmos that is wrong therefore it is time to find out when the cosmos will correct its manner. To deal with such a task they needed a man with a bigger ego than he had an IQ. They needed a person that thought more of his abilities than his ability to grasp any complex situation. They needed a man that was presented as a genius without ever proving his genius. They had a man that filled the centre of the Universe, which then placed the man in a location from where the man could see the entire Universe. They had just such a man. He went by the name of Albert Einstein. For all the genius Einstein had, Einstein failed to see the most simplistic and tiniest mathematical rule. Einstein failed to realise that if there was insufficient mass at the beginning of the expanding Universe, the growth of the Universe will reduce the influence of such mass as a factor because as the radius grows, such growth will restrict the gravity by rendering the mass progressively more incompetent.

If the Universe is expanding as Hubble indicated, the growth of the radius will reduce the influence value of the mass as every second passes. The mass will become more and more wanting for such a task. Yet with this obvious shortsightedness of the genius Einstein, the genius saw him fit enough to calculate and measure something as overwhelming as the Universe. As in the case of Newton, Einstein as an ego driven maniac that saw his abilities fit to measure and master the Universe while his mind was to simple to recognise the most basic principle of mathematics, the principle of relevancies or ratios. What a mathematical genius that turns out to be. While the radius enlarges, at the same proportion does the influence of the mass factor reduce and the mere fact that the radius increase shows that at no stage further into the future can the mass stem the growth of the radius because the radius overpowered the mass factor already. Unless there is new material entering the Universe at a point, which is impossible, the entire concept is fraud.

The idea was never to admit wrongdoing on the part of Newton and Newtonian science but to post pone, delay and divert attention away from the truth. If there was not enough mass to start with, no dark matter can kick in later on and start secondary mass frenzy that at that stage will then be enough to bring about the required mass potential that will turn around the Universe from expanding to contracting. To establish a scenario that would hide all deception they got the man that has a bigger ego than an IQ, they tell the world this man is a genius while the fool does not no the least of mathematical principles because his Master Newton did not no the least of mathematical principles and they got him to measure the Universe. While they did not even have any device (and will never have such a device) through which anyone would be able to see the entire Universe, they set of a scandalous misconception that this Einstein could calculate all the mass in the Universe.

Off course as can be expected, there was not enough mass and there will never be enough mass because there is no such a thing as mass in the entire Universe. When the deceit played out to the full, they fraudsters being the paternity of physics elaborated on the delusion by trying to find dark matter that is hidden. If the dark matter did not develop enough contraction at this time, there is no chance in the future to develop enough gravity because the factor of what mass supposedly should have is tarnishing and tarnishing as the Universe expand. The bigger the radius becomes the less would the mass effect be.

The community of astrophysics are trying to frame a picture where they set the stage in the way that if the Universe were stretched to a point the mass would not tolerate any more expanding. The mass will get frustrated in some way and show resistance to the increasingly elastic expanding. The gravity constant (I suppose) must prevent any further expanding. How they ever got to such an argument I never could tell. They surmise that outer space is consistently overall filed with nothing and when this nothing is stretched to the limit, the nothing would resist in growing more nothing or become further nothing and the nothing would stop other nothing to enter outer space in the community represented by nothing. If ever there is a faculty ruled by absolute inconsistency and rubbish as the motto of logic it has to be astrophysics.

Every measured kilometre represents nothing. Every mm is one of nothing. We on Earth are 149 X 106 kilometres holding nothing away from the Sun. Only they can argue that outer space is nothing with material here and there. If that is the case then which has more nothing between the Sun and Pluto or the Sun and Mercury. The distance between the Sun and Pluto is more, therefore that which outer space is made of is more than in the case of Mercury and the Sun. Therefore Pluto has more nothing between the Sun and the planet than Mercury has between the planet and the Sun. Only astrophysics and all the geniuses guarding the principal of astrophysics can put a calculated value by measure on nothing. In fact Mercury has hundred times less nothing between the planet and the Sun than is the case with Pluto. Since my days at school I was always under the impression that a hundred times the value of outer space being nothing is numerically expressed as (zero = 0 x 100 = 0), but where the genius that is such a prevailing part of astrophysics take the stage we find that Pluto can have 100 times more nothing than the amount or distance measuring nothing than Mercury has. The figure containing nothing that puts Pluto at the edge of the solar system is one hundred times more nothing than what Mercury has where Mercury becomes the first planet in the solar system. That is astrophysics. The brilliant minds of the mathematicians hold no rules apart from what they can calculate. Astrophysics is the only department throughout the Universe where normal rules don’t apply since because with mathematics they can bend all laws as they wish…in fact Newton started the trend with his deceit.

Only the guardians of astrophysics policy can know why the undetected dark matter will start producing gravity to change the expanding to contraction. Would the fact that it is detected, change the influence it established? Or is it merely to extend the cover up and allow the deceit to linger until the following generation. There is no mass and any one that says there is mass, let such a fraudster then explain why all the planets irrespective of size or density, spin around the Sun at the same sped as all the others. Let them prove that the Universe acknowledge big and small and let them show how Jupiter can move at the same pace as does Mercury and Pluto while Jupiter is so many times more massive than the other two mentioned. More condemning evidence is yet to come because the astrophysics tricksters did not leave the corrupting of evidence just at that.

The fatherhood of physics never once diverted from acknowledging that Newton’s contraction is the prevailing thesis on which the cosmos is built because they accepted that Newton used unlawful arguments and to cover up Newton’s fraud which they still use to this day, they then proceeded with further criminality when producing the bluff they established with Einstein just to fool everyone in the normal public. Without ever recalling Newton’s contraction theory that is obviously not working or admitting doubt about Newton’s testimony to the effect, physics accepted the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang theory opposes what ever Newton might have implied. The physics paternity however finds it wise to still advocate Newton while admitting to the Big Bang event. Newton said the lot is contracting. Go on and marry that with the Big Bang that says everything is expanding. You can’t promote both except is you can define why we would see the two merge.

The Universe comes from a point the size of a Neutron. That makes the radius parting the Universe infinitely small. It just about removes the radius as a factor. At the very same implication it takes the pulling of the mass (if there are pulling forces converted by mass) to a level it will never again have. As soon as the distance between the objects holding mass started to grow, the power and influence of the mass factor started to diminish in the same ratio. If the mass were incapable of contracting the Universe then, it will forever remain contracting the Universe. Then you may ask what is the story? Read on and you will learn how far Mainstream Physics stray from the truth and how big a cover up the paternity is protecting.

According to science the Universe started with singularity. Quoted directly from the Oxford dictionary of Astronomy the following:

The definition of singularity is as follows:
Singularity: a mathematical point at which certain physical quantities reach infinite values for example, according to the general relativity the curvature of space-time becomes infinite in a black hole. In the Big Bang theory the Universe was born from singularity in which the density and temperature of matter were infinite. The average daily temperature was “10αβ to 1034 K”.

Then the second “day” the daily average temperature came down to 1034K and 104K. That is fine, but if the temperature was in Kelvin, then what was 00K. In order to make sense of the scale used there must be a minimum to secure a maximum otherwise the maximum can just as well be the minimum and is only advocated to impress humans applying earthly standards.

By using a scale as 10αβ to 1034 K, it places the lower temperature at a modern 00K to make sense of standards. If that was the temperature the standards were lowered, compromising something to gain something, because something had to grow larger for heat to reduce. We know space grew larger bringing heat down to reduce.

Being the onlooker the viewer has to maintain one position. From that position some particles would be circling a centre point, as the particles would be coming towards the onlooker. The other matter would be circling the centre point while rushing away from the onlooker. At the very end the single dimension may come into the dynamics but where the single dimension comes in the factor of zero is removed.
If there is space, there is a flow of light and a flow of light has to produce lines in relation to angles forming space between them. Something must be present to confirm space because there is an absolute difference between being in space and no space to be found. If there was a line that formed nothing that one line that forms nothing would completely destroy the other lines’ chances of ever forming a triangle, let alone having all lines and they then have a total being zero. As shown in the example no line can form zero and therefore no mathematical equation as far as it extends to cosmology can ever bring about zero as a number. While there is space present there has to be three dimensions relating to each other by time and in three dimensions there has to be three lines in relevancy to each other by angles formed holding space in (at least) six opposing sides. Removing one line must bring about a flat Universe and that then

will constitute nothing.

Cosmology is about light flowing by means of lines indicating space obeying the rules enforced by time in motion and light flowing dictates crossing space and across space light is using lines. The book: An open letter Announcing Gravity’s Recipe is dealing with the subject finding singularity by removing the concept of nothing from outer space. By diminishing nothing one uncover singularity and the effort brings in a new perspective not yet introduced.

For your benefit I will shortly give a summary by which I hope to interest you in reading the manuscript: Compressing space produces heat. Releasing heat will bring expansion bringing about space. We call such a release of heat an explosion. In other words heat translate to space and space concentrates back to heat. The one is a product of the other where space forms expanded heat.

They are quick to show the time that was applying at the time being some thousandth of a second or the heat that was present being numbers we have no name for. The other side of the story they ignore. They ignore the other side of the story because in that respect it puts their promoting of Newton down to madness. If you reduce the radius applying at the present back to what it was at the time of the initiating of the Big Bang, you must also increase the influence gravity and mass had at that moment by the same number you are decreasing the radius. That is pure mathematics and the most basic physics of all concepts.

The shrinking radius will increase the effectiveness of the influence of the gravity that the mass can produce by the margin of the shrinking of the radius. If the Radius was infinite at that point, then that means the gravity was eternal. With the entire Universe being as big as a Neutron, the Universe was the size of an atom. If the Universe were the size of an atom and the mass within that Universal atom could not prevent the Universe exploding into immeasurable atoms, then it would not be able to retract all the atoms into one unit again. If there was not enough mass to start the contraction, there can be no contraction of mass that is producing the gravity at this stage. If the gravity is of such a nature that it allows a continuous growth of the radius, then the radius firstly cannot be zero as Newton suggested and the extending of the radius proves there is no contraction in the way Newton had everyone to believe. If Newton’s mass contracting mass is true, then on the other hand it must have resulted in an implosion as

M1 M Gforming gravity, then ther2that which can never repeat again. With Newton’s formula of F =

Big Bang is just not possible because from that formula the Big Crunch must respond.

They put all questions on hold by diverting the attention to some black matter or dark energy, some force no-one can detect and yet it is going to save Newton’s honour. Why is that dark matter with mass not pulling at this point?

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The Roche limit in the practical sense shows a radius limit found between stars that prevents stars from coming closer than that limit allow.


Do you know what this is? What happens in these pictures proves that stars could never collide because what prevents it is cosmic law that science at present can’t fathom because their understanding is too limited. This website informs you about the facts behind the lovely pictures. This website will tell you why the cosmic physics principles establishes these phenomena…and because the information does not salute Newton, academics in physics despise what is said. If mass don’t pull stars to a point of colliding then Newton is wrong! Any star coming closer than 2.4674 times the radius of the larger star would liquidise the smaller star and this law and the Coanda effect are a precise duplication of true gravity truly applying. This value the Roche limit has is Π2÷4 which is circle movement divided by 4 opposing sides through which the rotation goes.

At present science is unable to explain these very crucial phenomena and even to the extent that those guarding the principles of applying physics don’t realise the importance of these phenomena or how the principles apply in physics.

These phenomena are there and it is in place so ignoring it is rather stupid…but that is precisely what Newtonian science has been doing for centuries.

They ignore these phenomena in favour of what is not present in the cosmos …and that is mass. Those in physics put mass in as an explanation for the movement of planets and while all planets has different mass, yet all planets orbit and move at exactly the same tempo. So how can they move according to mass-differences with having different mass and still be moving at an equal pace?

What there is, are the four phenomena I present, but because Newtonian science insight do not extend as far as understanding the phenomena and the role it plays in physics and moreover in generating gravity, Newtonian science is brilliantly ignoring the phenomena as well as the role these phenomena play.

Science do not realise the value or the impact that these four phenomena has on physics. That makes their judgement unfit in terms of deciding the importance the phenomena offer in relation to understanding physics. For many centuries science used improper factors in physics such as thinking that it is mass that

produces gravity while only Newton’s word is proof of this. There is no evidence of mass forming gravity and to overcome this issue they manufacture a component they called the graviton. There is no evidence of a graviton existing but to compensate for the shortfall existing in physics they use the graviton to promote a hoax however, this is not the only fable science invented

No one realises there is a shortfall because all evidence of such shortfall in Newtonian science is ignored like they would ignore the plague. There is no evidence of mass that has the ability to form gravity, but by cultural brainwashing every one believes this to be true. With everyone satisfied that there is no problem

in science all persons are very satisfied with conditions applying as it is.

In every mind using physics the awareness of the mistake is absent and all presume that physics in the manner Newton said it is applying therefore thinking the Newtonian way is a healthy and correct and no one can find a reason to investigate my claims that Newton’s idea of mass that forms gravity is a hoax.

No one can see the need to support my claims of science being wrong in spite of finding no evidence of mass anywhere in the solar system. The phenomena that do apply in the cosmos, science totally ignore because it does not support Newton’s ideas and Newton can’t explain these phenomena. I prove how these phenomena form gravity but I am ignored because it will turn physics on its head.

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Then you are about to discover that… I DISCOVERED A MISTAKE IN SCIENCE.

This is a crucial mistake since it touches every aspect of the foundation of physics and rocks physics like no earthquake ever rocked any part of the earth, ever…it puts science on a cross road that will change every principle prevailing in cosmology and alter the way we view physics forever.

The question everyone avoid is why is there a defined difference between what is mass and what is weight. Mass is measured in the same currency that weight is measured so it should be the same…but Newtonian teachings deny this idea…why would they deny this fact? I say don’t tell me there is mass, prove to me there is mass that is different from weight. Prove to me mass forms gravity because I say gravity forms mass.

It is said that mass makes you fall…or in any case that is what the definition applies. The definition of gravity says that mass attracts and by such attraction gravity forms according to the value of mass
attracting and this forms the most fundamental foundation of physics, founding all of the centuries old Newtonian thinking.
The Definition of Gravity according to the Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy: Physics

4) The natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the centre of the body.

If this is true then Galileo is wrong. If you fall by mass because mass forms gravity, then big things should fall quicker than small things does and Galileo proved that all things fall equal. Now to confuse students they come up with the concocted idea that a hammer fall the same as a feather in vacuum. Yes, sure and a car falls equal to a human without vacuum. All things fall equal when all things fall unrestricted and by gravity alone. The hammer and the feather and the vacuum are part of the deliberate brainwashing process because everything falls equal every time anything falls free. What bring distinction are the heat and the temperature in the sky when things fall, but not the weight or the mass of objects.

This is not what I am referring too when I say there is no mass because we know it is there and I do prove it is the spin of the earth that forces the body downwards, but not by mass. It is by movement establishing Π.

5) The natural force of attraction between any two massive bodies, which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

This is the one that I refer too that is the figment of Newton’s imagination. I beg anyone to use the information gathered from the solar system read from the chart Kepler provided and tested as truth beyond doubt to prove this definition of mass pulling do apply! I give the tables that Kepler established. Show where any planet moves according to the mass as it supposedly does or how any planet is allocated a specific position in the solar system or even in the Milky Way according to the mass the object should have.

6) Gravitation.
This proves how low Newtonians can go to solicit absolute fraud and intoxicate student’s minds in brainwashing their thinking to accept what never is proven. This is hogwash at best! Prove that the graviton is more than just more deliberate fraud invented to sustain the idea of magical forces pulling atoms.

The Definition of Gravity according to the Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy Gravity is the fundamental force of attraction that all objects with mass have for each other. Like the electromagnetic force, gravity has effectively infinite range and obeys the inverse-square law. At the atomic level, where masses are very small, the force of gravity is negligible, but for objects that have very large masses such as planets, stars, and galaxies, gravity is a predominant force, and it plays an important role in theories of the structure of the universe.
Gravity is believed to be mediated by the graviton, although the graviton has yet to be isolated by experiment. Gravity is weaker than the strong force, the electromagnetic force, and the weak force. This is the brainwashing part! Students have to learn this fiction by heart and repeat in exams as if it is proven truth.

Please show me the attraction in relation to mass that applies between any of the planets and the sun. Please show me the attraction in relation to mass when all bodies fall equal through the sky. Show me planets move closer to the sun to prove this force. The cosmos expands and so does the solar system

and even the moon and the earth are moving apart every instant in time. So prove the attraction is occurring between all planets when all cosmic structures move apart! This is the fraud I refer to!

If you are a student in physics then you should read the following information with care and with much consideration because your mental health might be at steak here. One could think of another name for physics and that would be Newton’s mythology. It is about the subject of gravity and is most important. The “Newton’s mythology” comes from the fact that students have to learn what the professors claim to

be true and what was never was proven. Students have to repeat in examinations that the formula F = GM1M2 is truthful and viable while it was never proven. Do you realise that it is an accepted practiser2

that all students that are studying physics on all levels are subjected to the most intense brainwashing and thought control found any where on Earth? This must be some sort of a joke you may think but thinking that way in disbelief is just what those practising the mind control wish you to think! According to the tables, all movement is according to some other value than mass. If mass was pulling then Jupiter had to move 317 times faster than the earth! They never prove Newton’s philosophy on gravity but those persons conducting teaching in the subject of physics force all physics students to learn Newton’s gravitational concepts and accept the facts as if it has been proven beyond all other facts. Students have to believe that Newton is correct or academics will see to it that they fail their examination. The condition of being accepted in physics is to accept Newton without questioning the proof that is never supplied.

Let those academics now prove precisely how mass brings about gravity and then afterwards test you on how Newton is proven correct and not on you repeating their facts blindly about what they say is true
about what Newton said, which they say is true. The manner they present Newton is completely hearsay and that method may not be used in any court of law let alone form the foundation of physics.

Planet Mass per Earth unit

Mercury 0.06 Venus 0.82 Earth 1.000 Mars 0.11 Jupiter 317.89

Saturn 95.17
Uranus 14.53
Neptune 17.14
Pluto 0.0025

k-1= T2÷ a3 a3 T2

Movement of space volume During time units T2÷ a3 =0.983 (a3)= 0.059 (T2)= 0.058 T2÷ a3 =0.992 (a3)= 0.381 (T2)= 0.378 T2÷ a3 =1.000 (a3)= 1.000 (T2)= 1.000 T2÷ a3 =1.000 (a3)= 3.54 (T2)= 3.54 T2÷ a3 =1.000 (a3)= 140.6 (T2)= 140.66 T2÷ a3 =0.999 (a3)= 868.25 (T2)= 67.9 T2÷ a3 =1.000 (a3)= 7067 (T2)= 7069 T2÷ a3 =0.999 (a3)= 27189 (T2)=27159 T2÷ a3 =1.004 (a3)= 61443 (T2)=61703

Let your professors now prove how it is that Newton’s teachings are correct and then examine you on the process they use to prove Newton’s concepts rather than test the state of brainwashing you have
submitted to. At present they say Newton is correct and then they test you on your ability in repeating that Newton is correct without ever proving to you that Newton is correct. That is not testing your knowledge but it is testing the mind control you have submitted to. Let those physics professors now prove Newton
and their ability to prove Newton correct and then test you on the manner they use to prove Newton to be correct.

They teach you that the Universe contracts and to state their case they force students to learn that gravity is proved by Newton introducing the following formulaF = GM1M2 They say that M1 is the mass of ther2

Earth and M2 is the mass of the individual in questions mass and the multiplying of these factors with the gravitational constant produces the force of gravity when this gets divided by the square of the radius. Please let you lecturer put in all the values of the formula and prove Newton is correct. Use the mass of the earth multiplies by your mass and then these is divided by the square of a billionth of a millimetre and see what gravity forms with those figures applying! The radius between your feet and the earth is a billionth of a millimetre and not 1 as they normally show. If he can’t prove gravity is believable and I know for sure he never can fill in the symbols and calculate the force of gravity, then read the rest of the web page that follows to see how far academics in physics go to brainwash students into believing in Newton’s fraud.

The truth beyond all other truth is that Newton’s gravity has never been proven (because try as you may it is not possible to prove Newton’s formula forming gravity mathematically) and because academics know that, academics require the blind acceptance of Newton by students. This unconditional acceptance of Newton’s correctness relies only on the pre-conditioning of students’ mind set and academics depend only on the student trusting the academic “say so” about the institutionalised correctness of Newton. That Newton is correct nevertheless and notwithstanding that there is no founding proof about this matter, is what students should be accepting blindly. I’ll bet you they are more surprised than you about me accusing them of systematically mind altering the student’s physic and ability to think than you are. This is a fair test to see if Newton’s contraction theory underwritten by Newton’s attraction formula

F =GM1M2 is valid, and then force your professor to use this formula as it reads and show WHEN ther2


Moon and the Earth is going to collide. If he fails to do it by using Newton’s formula asF = GM1M2 thenr2

you will know who is conning you, him or I and who is truthful again him or I. I charge all academics to prove what I say is being wrong in any way or even that I exaggerate in the least. I challenge Newtonian academics to prove that mass does indeed form any force of any sorts and in particular gravity!

Pre-conditioning students into blind acceptance depends on the academics’ insistence that students approve Newton’s concepts without pre judgment or students insisting on scrutiny of any sorts. In examination students have to outright and blindly follow academics’ say so trumped up rhetoric and respond on facts only because academics say so. Academics depend on students never questioning their say so or demand proof about what academics teach. Those academics in teaching positions insist that all students accept Newton’s accuracy or be sent home as failures in physics.

Where does mass manifest in the solar system? Where does Jupiter show its mass is pulling more than that of Pluto? According to the definition of gravity claiming gravity is a pulling power by the mass of objects and this formula F = GM1M2 then Jupiter has to beat the earth going at a speed 317 timesr2

faster than the earth, because Jupiter is 317 times larger than the earth. Show me any evidence that mass plays any role or function anywhere in the Universe! If you are one of those members of society that never thought you would hear the name of an accomplished person as Sir Isaac Newton being associated with fraud, corruption and brainwashing, then the books The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity published by Lulu.com are specially written to inform you about the truth there is lacking in the correctness about science. Newton’s formula and suggestion indicate a straight line moving

F =GM1M2 between the objects pulling by mass while it is clear everything that applies the motion of ar2

planet going around the sun is using a circle. Everyone knows that planets orbit around the Sun. Planets circle the Sun which is the same as saying planets orbit the Sun. Just by calling the circle motion in terms of what applies, that statement nullifies Newton’s claim of mass that attract mass and put to question the reliability of Newton’s dogma. This might at first seem a small issue but from that I prove that gravity works by the value of Π and not mass.

This is methodical mind control as much as it is the brainwashing and I show that they enforce this practise. If you are one of those believing that Newton was ever proven, then what you believe to be true is a lie because Newton can’t be proven and that is the truth! The time has come to face your teachers and force them to stop the ongoing old culture of bullying students into submission and conditioning their thoughts by enforcing on them dogmas, which is no more than systematically enforcing mind control! In order to get students to accept Newton’s hypothesis, academics resort to brainwashing pupils’ and students’ thoughts.

I decided to have the books printed in e-book format as to inform all other potential readers. In the books I addressed the issues in detail and the work I named The Absolute Relevancy of Singularity: The Thesis I sent articles to Academics in which I proposed the full remedy to the mistakes I indicated. This only drained my funding and I got nothing back for all the effort and the money I spent in trying to charge a truthful reaction from academics. They are so entangled with their brainwashing they don’t see the practise it.

The only response was just a vacant silence; they did not even e-mail me in response acknowledging that they received such books that I sent their way. Now I am going to reveille why there is such a silence coming from the academics…it is because I dare to challenge Newton’s correctness about gravity. On the advice of a publisher I wrote an article to Annalen der Physics trying to introduce the working of the principle forming singularity. In the website THE ABSOLUTE RELEVANCY of SINGULARITY : THE

WEBSITE http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/the-absolute-relevancy-of-singularity-the-website/7517996] I share with you the

Again I repeat that I do not wish to make unlawful money from a scam I thought up where I try to seduce your curiosity. You can download it for free. You can either got to www.singularetyrelevancy.com and download a more comprehensive version of www.singularetyrelevancy.com: Informing about Newton’s Mythology which is totally free of charge or go to www.singularetyrelevancy.com and from there press www.singularetyrelevancy.com to download also from Lulu.com an e-book that is a little less informative version of www.singularetyrelevancy.com.
Should you find what I say truthful then you can go to the e-book that is without charge as well and find out what gravity truly is without brainwashing any one into stupidity? Then you can download www.singularetyrelevancy.com: the website and for the first time see the truth…free of charge!

Download it from Lulu.com and find out for the first time how gravity truly forms in space.

Reasons for reading www.sirnewtonsfraud.com

Firstly it is free . I am not trying to exploit any person by extorting money in launching a factual unsupported wild scam. The truth is that Newtonian science is practising the unsupported scam for centuries and they do it by mind manipulation and thought control. They force students to believe Newton is absolutely correct needing no proof. Let them prove how the solar system uses mass! If finding these statement harsh surprises you, just see why I say they play mind control games

Newtonian approach cannot even recognise any of the four principles but only Newtonian science are taught to students. No student can have the fortune to disagree about Newton and remain a student at any institution while studying. Students are taught to accept Newton and to ignore Kepler and any student doing it the other way around will fail all examinations and other testing at the Universities the student is attending. Students accept Newton or they accept a ticket taking them home. According to Newtonian science space is simply nothing with no qualities but gravity separate space and space does not mingle, as one would expect if space was nothing because space does form borders. Those borders form part of gravity and gravity is the least understood concept thus far in science. In truth no one in science anywhere remotely knows what brings gravity about and I used Kepler to unravel this mystery called gravity. But no one in science will admit this fact about Newton or any one else never being able to explain gravity in the least or that Kepler is the one who formulised gravity decades before Newton came and gave gravity the name. Newton started this realising of gravity but it had and still has no more substantial proof than a rumour has and Newton admitted to it being a concept he could not explain. Still to this day nobody in science at present will denounce the principle of gravity being never explained. All in science act in a manner as if Newton’s gravity idea is proven fact and only occasionally admit it to not “fully understood” as Newton admitted it was when he introduced the name (not the concept). That includes Newton as well as Einstein and even Hawking. Scientists can declare gravity was a factor at 10- 43 seconds after the Big Bang but what brought gravity about or why gravity became or still remained, as a presence is still tightly concealed information which all are speculating on. Even to the best informed amongst the most educated do not know what is gravity because they all ignored Kepler and for ignoring Kepler the price they pay is not finding the principles bringing about gravity.

Kepler studied what kept the plants circling the sun and that what is keeping the planets in orbit is gravity. From such explaining what Kepler said without Newton changing formulas on Kepler’s behalf I prove the Titius Bode principal also known just as the Bode principle. I explain how singularity forms the Roche limit and how singularity brings about the Coanda affect but most important of all Kepler showed me where to search for singularity. My achievements came from my effort where I separated Kepler’s work from the opinion that Newton formed about what he saw Kepler’s work should contain and gave to the world his Newtonian concept about Kepler’s work. From my view a force is just motion applying and that is what Kepler said gravity is. Kepler said a3 = T2 k. Presumptuous as it may be on my part of trying to disprove Mainstream Physics, such a presuming does not change the truth about Mainstream science being incorrect about gravity. After all they admit they do not know what gravity is however this admitting is only sometimes when it suits them to do so. As they do admit they do not know what gravity is I am not disproving anything they proved because they agree they do not know what gravity is, which paves the way for my showing what gravity is. By they’re admitting that they do not know what gravity is they then also admit being possibly incorrect about gravity but unfortunately mainstream physics do not see it that way (yet). The question in hand is finding what role gravity played when the Creation came about for the first time. I had to find a method that would allow me to explain why gravity played a role.

Remember that not even Newton could explain what gravity is or where it comes from, but Kepler did that without any person ever taking note of the achievement by Kepler. Kepler studied what kept the plants circling the sun and that what is keeping the planets in orbit is gravity. From such explaining what Kepler said without Newton changing formulas on Kepler’s behalf I prove the Titius Bode principal also known just as the Bode principle. I explain how singularity forms the Roche limit and how singularity brings about the Coanda affect but most important of all Kepler showed me where to search for singularity. My achievements came from my effort where I separated Kepler’s work from the opinion that Newton formed about what he saw Kepler’s work should contain and gave to the world his Newtonian concept about Kepler’s work. For instance from Kepler’s work I can explain the operation of the Black Hole, which not even Prof. Stephen Hawking understands. From my view a force is just motion applying and that is what Kepler said gravity is. Kepler said a3 = T2 k. The Coanda effect is the establishing of individual independent space a3 by applying motion T2k in relation to a centre point the motion of the liquid establishes. Einstein came to this conclusion but failed to refer his view back to Kepler and by not referring to Kepler missed the point he wanted to make. Just by my studying of Kepler this became possible.

The Practice of Brainwashing and Mind Control in Physics

In www.sirnewtonsfruad.com I investigate how much truth there are in mass pulling by the force of gravity. Most if not to all of the persons reading this article will be annoyed by just the thought of me embarking on an investigation of the issue that seems so totally senseless to investigate. It is senseless because the concept it carries became accepted as household practise and life science. Mass is associated with everything that is represented everywhere.

Do you think of astrophysics as the department that is run by the wise and the level minded, the sober thinking, and the absolute trustworthy? If you are a student there is no other choice you have. If you think those in charge of astrophysics are the pillars of trust, then get wise and read the following. What you are about to read is simply mystifyingly simple and yet to this day I have not challenged one academic any where that had the honesty to admit to the fact of Newton being wrong. Newton created the factor mass as a trick of his imagination. We have a body with mass on earth and that we all know, but no heavenly body could ever have mass or present mass! After you have considered the following you might agree with me that even small Children can reach a higher level of clear-minded logic and find more sensibility than what those scientists promoting astrophysics have because science lives in a make believe fool’s paradise. They love to calculate because with mathematics they create a fools paradise.

Looking at the size of a body does not allow any one to awards mass. If you are a student, then ask your Masters please to explain the following abnormalities and inconsistencies they promote as part of official physics, which I present in this article and as students get wise instead of brainwashed. I say brainwash again because they force-feed you fabrications, as you will come to see. They can’t explain the facts as reliable but hide the fact that the facts are in fact untruths. Tell them to prove that planets have mass. Tell them to prove that it is mass that generates gravity that pulls the planets. Ask them to explain gravity in detail. You can get the question to ask them for free from www.sirnewtonsfruad.com.

If any person gives evidence and the evidence is unsupported by truth and unfounded by proof, it is fraud. If a Clergyman should bring evidence of some miracle healing that took place, and he could not repeat the act at will for all to witness again and again, it is fraud not withstanding the religion. Even if the lie is to underline the greatness of his religion, it still constitutes to fraud. If anything is said without truth backing the claim, making it unfounded, it is fraud. It is illegal to make claims that is not based and is not supported by reality. As perfect as everyone thinks Newtonian physics are, this applies to educators teaching physics. There is a suspicion lingering in the back of everyone’s mind that something is not quite correct about the approach physics take on the matter of gravity and only those academics seasoned with years of studies and salted with time seems to miss this haunting feeling. But the longer the students are educated, the more this uncomfortable feeling dissipates.

Hidden under a cover of “understanding Newton” or “not being able to understand Newton” tutors in physics force certain incompatible arguments to join that which never can join and while joining also make sense at the same time. In this article I challenge the figures that charge the highest form of respect in our communities and those in charge of the most dynamic part of society and those who stand beyond and above any form of suspicion. I charge those that personify truth and are the very same persons that I accuse of betraying the ones trusting them. They misuse the positions of trust by participating in the conspiracy I am about to tell you about. Educators in physics I hope that you will stop your mind abuse on students because they are now able to know more about physics and the application of gravity than did all those that came before you and all those that came with you. Again I challenge you to come forward and tell your students the truth about what I uncover in the articles that follows and as the articles progress by introducing information...then you explain to them how you deceived their blind trust in you as a tutor in physics. In physics the blame goes to students ability to “understanding Newton” or “not being able to understand Newton” but I show that in this case the blame should openly be dedicated to those that should be blamed, named and shamed and they have to defend their years of lying and contribution to cover the misconduct that was committed by them. Those teaching physics as well as their predecessors now have to explain in the name of science why so many evidence were falsified to keep their noses clean while mud colours their lily white image in hogwash and the stink of their lies equals the pig pen it needs to cover such aroma. It is time that they reveal the truth. Believe it or not, but this diverging from reality and misconduct about applying science is in place because of centuries of brainwashing going on passed on from generation to generation and is employed in physics from teacher to student for centuries on end. This article is dedicated to bringing honesty into the faculty of Astrophysics and Astronomy as well as to show the Physics student on what corruption and deceit does physics base their facts which they proclaim as being such well proven, and godly accurate facts and is unwavering depicting only the truth. Notwithstanding as unbelievable as it may seem, I nevertheless challenge any one in physics to show me that the least of any or all facts I uncover is not true.

Go to the web site www.singularityrelevancy.com and then use the information I supply in the book www.sirnewtonsfruad.com titled Sir Newton’s Mythology, which you may download for free and use the information given free of charge to confront you academics with the truth and then insist that Academics who are teaching physics, prove to students that Newton’s statements of attraction are correct. Let those academics explain the method mass implements to obtain the attraction they teach about.

If you are a student studying in physics then reading this article is detrimental to your future, as you can remain part of the problem physics has had for centuries or you may join the solution that came to physics and start to heal the wound. Students read the next pages and you are about to learn how students are brainwashed into accepting the baseless and ridiculous misinformation Sir Isaac Newton puts forward as truths. The Custodians of Physics have nothing better to offer than presenting you with unfounded, corrupt and distorted facts…and by doing that they resort to mind control on students and introduce baseless concepts by manipulating the student’s thoughts. If you are a student then read in www.sirnewtonsfruad.com what they do to you and how they brainwash you. Everyone knows there is a problem about gravity in physics and this far it seems as if no one can put a finger on the problem. This suspicion that there is, this feeling about a certain concern and doubtfulness that is lingering on in the minds of many… and also is lingering on from generation to generation… without anyone ever finding a solution… it is them defrauding you by exchanging your institution fees for corruption, so confront them about their dishonesty. Something about the way gravity is presented just doesn’t add up as it should and does not quite reach the answers it should conclude. There is this vague unspoken question hanging in the air without any one ever finding words to express the question…and yet the question remains however unspoken it seems. Force them to become honest and to stop corrupting students with intentional malice. That which they offer has no truth. All they have are misconceptions and incoherent facts. Let them explain how mass generates gravity...

There is always a thousand and one conspiracy theories going around and the one tries to be bolder and more sensational than the next theory flying around. However, the biggest conspiracy is going on in front of every person’s eyes and is committed by the most respectable persons in any respectable upstanding society. Even if you had your personal favourite conspiracy theory, try and match it to the one that I have!

Let them with precise detail show when mass is applying, that mass and such producing of gravity that then would establish attraction produce gravity! Show that objects in outer space are optionally allocated places by value of mass. Let those show where they see stars in any galactica are positioned categorically by size or mass. I show precisely how gravity produces mass but mass can never produce gravity. I show with explicit detail when, how and where gravity forms mass but mass can never form gravity. What I prove annihilates every Newtonian claim. No one cares to read or to print my work because there is no need for it.

I seem to be the first person in generations that ask questions about Newton’s work. Questions I now ask is asked for the first time ever, well ever since the time Newton introduced gravity, before the emphasis fell on proof rather than merely what a person with reputation suggested. I now am able to show how gravity forms by forming a circle using Π because I have located the centre of the Universe. But by my effort in finding the location I disrupted everything Academics in physics hold holy and for that I am most unwanted in the presence of the Academics charged with guarding the ethics of physics. In short, I clash head on with Newtonian dogma and principles forming physics. During my research I discovered abnormalities and inconsistencies about mistakes the Arch fathers in physics must be aware of but are hiding with all their considerable influence and academic power. The road I took in my search for truth concerning physics was never smooth and the resistance I came across coming from the academic sector is almost unbearable. I made no friends but only enemies.

With my unpopularity rating this high as it does, I never qualified for help and those that would help found my ideas intolerable whereby I only found rejection instead of help as I tagged along. Because of this insider rejection I had to resort to private publishing because from the nature of my work I take Mainstream science head on and am confrontational on most aspects of astronomy. By finding the centre of the Universe it enabled me to find a point the Universe is controlled from, but because that does not hail Newton it sparked no interest. Then I decided to reject Newton is the only road to go if one wishes to lay axe to the root of the insider corruption they are guilty of. Since no one see the a problem there is in physics, no publisher wants to go head bashing with the Physics Custodian establishment of science on official science principles, which I have to do to convey my message in no uncertain language. I argue

that if it is the correct practise to use F = GM1M2 to calculate gravity then the radius holding ther2

gravitational constant must lead one to the centre of the Universe. As I confront science dogma and principles, nobody is willing to publish my work. I have to walk the road alone and fight the battle by my private effort without any support anywhere. If Newton is the problem one have to go pre Newton to find the problem. The problem is that when looking at Kepler’s table then if there is T2÷ a3 according to the table matching a column, then mathematically T2÷ a3 must be k-1 and where k-1 goes negative it shows space reduces time. It shows space in volume goes single by movement of space and not objects.

Planet Mass per Earth unit

Mercury 0.06 Venus 0.82 Earth 1.000 Mars 0.11 Jupiter 317.89

Saturn 95.17
Uranus 14.53
Neptune 17.14
Pluto 0.0025 k-1 a3 T2 Movement of space volume During time units T2
÷ a3 =0.983 (a3)= 0.059 (T2)= 0.058 T2÷ a3 =0.992 (a3)= 0.381 (T2)= 0.378 T2÷ a3 =1.000 (a3)= 1.000 (T2)= 1.000 T2÷ a3 =1.000 (a3)= 3.54 (T2)= 3.54 T2÷ a3 =1.000 (a3)= 140.6 (T2)= 140.66 T2÷ a3 =0.999 (a3)= 868.25 (T2)= 67.9 T2÷ a3 =1.000 (a3)= 7067 (T2)= 7069 T2÷ a3 =0.999 (a3)= 27189 (T2)= 27159 T2÷ a3 =1.004 (a3)= 61443 (T2)= 61703 Use the column to show where it is mass that produces any valid factor. In the table columns we have the

mass of the main solar objects and according to Newton the mass is responsible for movement. If it is mass that does the pulling in ratio of the radius then we have to see some evidence of this applying somewhere. Is there any person that can prove that claim from the table showing Kepler’s movement in relation to Newton’s mass? In what way odes Jupiter move faster or how does Pluto move slower according to mass? If mass did the job, how is it done? Notwithstanding Newton’s blatant mathematical manipulation, mass don’t apply.

One such an example is Einstein’s Critical density scam and the “Dark Matter” swindle where they hide Newton’s shortcomings under a pretext of ongoing research. Hubble found the Universe is not contracting

as Newton said it does with F = GM1M2 and hell broke loose. The cosmos stepped out of line byr2
showing Newton is wrong in his supposed theory that mass pulls mass to reduce the radius such as F =GM1M2 will indicate. Einstein was then tasked to supposedly measure “all the mass” in the entirer2

Universe and to find out when the Universe will correct its evil ways and start to submit to Newton’s idea of contraction. They concluded it is not Newton that is wrong but the cosmos went out of line to contradict Newton. Therefore one has to find the error in the actions of not Newton’s idea but about the Cosmos acting out of line with Newton. The fault was investigated not on the side of Newton, but in the cosmos! The proof of practise fell on the Universe that could be wrong but never Newton!

With all this in mind did any one ever come to wonder about the reality driving the all too famous Einstein’s Critical Density theory and the fact that this idea was conceived to conceal the corruption of Newton in physics? Allow me please to elaborate and then make up your minds. The facts in truth are that the Einstein’s Critical Density theory was a scheme plotted by those in charge of physics principles to cover up and conceal corruption in the heart of physics. Hubble proved beyond doubt that there was an inflating Universe. This contradicted Newton’s deflating or pulling Universe and this perception of a deflating Universe being a myth had to be most ardently hidden as to yet again

compromise the truth about Newton and his theory. In the formula F = GM1M2 the relevancy appliesr2

between the strength of the mass and the distance of the radius that keeps the influence of the mass forming the gravity. The longer the radius increasing the distance between objects the more this will reduce the value of the mass, whatever the value of the mass might be. The Hubble concept proves that while the mass might remain the same, the radius keeps growing and such growth diminishes the influence of the mass all the while the radius increases. This is so basic that primary children learning the basics of mathematics will understand! This means with the radius increasing, there is no chance that the mass will ever become strong enough to bring about the pulling because the constant increase in the radius constantly diminish the influence that the mass might produce.

Yet Einstein proceeded in searching for a value that will determine when the mass would bring a turn about in the direction that the cosmos evolves in. Einstein was looking for the moment the mass will become strong enough while the most basic principle indicates that an increasing radius leads to a decreasing mass influence submitting a decreasing potential gravity since the mass becomes less prominent in influence. If Einstein was unable to recognise this most basic of mathematical principles, then what type of genius did physics create in him and what slur did physics promote. In

F =GM1M2 any factor standing in relation of division, it is the bottom value that determines the outcomer2

of the value of the top. This idea of the two factors being in opposing relevance where the size of the bottom caries the value of the outcome is so simple that children will recognise the principle, and yet those fathers of physics wants me to believe that the greatest mathematician that ever lived did not realise this principle…the principle that the radius and the mass stands related and the growth in the bottom value will promote the decline in the top value as a dominant factor. Can any one with this information including the proof I asked for on previous page have any other conclusion than students should smell rotting fish somewhere?

Notwithstanding my arguments that should have been raised by the mathematical genius, Einstein supposedly measured “all the mass” in the entire Universe and then afterwards concluded there is “insufficient mass” to pull the Universe closer. This rattled the cages of the Newtonian conspirators because Newton once again stood naked, venerable and bear. Yet the blame had to be associated with the cosmos not playing by the rules of Newton. The cosmos had to be at fault because Newton just can’t be the person to blame. Then the genius of the Newtonian cunning kicked in once more and we can see why they are seen as the most brilliant minds walking the earth. There had to be something they miss and no one can see.

Then some idea was presented that the Universe is hiding mass from view, I suppose just to spite Newton. If the mass was not visible and was therefore undetected, then the mass was dark and if no one could see the mass then no one can prove the mass being present and then no one can disprove the mass being there waiting in the dark. What a splendid idea this was for cheating. This presented a solution of Biblical proportions and a new scam was introduced to hide the failing of Newton and of the Critical Density sham. The Dark Matter hides mass that will supposedly pull all material closer again at one stage in the future. This is meant unleashing an enormous swindle, bigger than anything before, only beaten into second place by Newton’s swindle about mass unleashing forces. They proclaim there is “Dark Matter” hiding and waiting in the wind to come to the present someday in the future and start to pull the Universe closer as Newton said it must by the measure of F = GM1M2 . In that way Newton wasr2

vindicated and the cosmos took the blame for hiding mass and the contraction was reinstalled. It is obviously clear that having such a total idea that there might be dark unseen mass floating in the Universe which at this time does not generate gravity but will some day kick in to generate gravity in order to cover up Newton’s deception about a contracting Universe and just because Newton has to be correct at some point in the future. Science wishes me to believe that since there is a lack of seeing material there then will be dark and unseen material where they are so dark they are undetected by all humans. That leaves another question to address…where can such mass be found. How will such undetectable mass be found, which will bring about contraction after all this expanding ends and the Universe recognises the infallibility of Newton once again? Why would the mass at present then not activate gravity and why would the mass at some point spring to life and start activating gravity? How much can the Physics paternity still hide the fact that Einstein’s critical density is being used as a cover-up to distort the truth to conceal the fraud Newtonians wish to cover? The uncovering of the Newton fraud by the Hubble constant is so simple to see. Hubble found the Universe is expanding and Newton said otherwise. Who is lying about what? Hubble’s declaration was on track to blow the cover that was concealing the Newton fraud wide open and uncover the century old deception. To see this we have only too look at the comet behaviour when any and all comets again come around on a cycle by repeated visiting the sun. The question is if it is mass pulling mass onto mass, then why do we have comets left in the solar system? The mass of the Sun should by now at least have destroyed every comet going around.

The term pulling does not suggest any circling because no one can be pulling towards and does that while circling around the object. That serves the term pulling. Then the saying goes that planets orbit indicating they follow a circle. In conversation we speak of the planets orbiting. If Newton was correct we should be speaking of the planets pulling, but talking about pulling would be blatantly wrong according to the normal spoken word. Never do we refer to the planets pulling the Sun or the Sun pulling the planets, but we speak of seasons coming from orbital positions. Being in orbit has to neutralise the pulling and then cancel the pulling concept that also became culture. The entirety of physics rests on this one formula







2 .The questions concerning that which you are studying and that touches every aspect you

are academically concerned with, is that if everything is moving apart, how does that support Newton’s idea that everything is coming together…and please don’t let them fool you with Einstein’s Critical Density idea! If there was mass seen or unseen in the Universe and mass generated gravity and gravity does the pulling then why is the mass not at this moment doing the pulling? If there was mass in the Universe, seen or unseen and mass generated gravity and gravity does the pulling then why is the mass not at this moment doing the pulling? If there is an object it indicates the presence of mass. Then what stops the mass that should be present, dark or luminous, to start pulling by gravity, as it should do?

Should you think this page is some sort of a prank then answer the following simple question to yourself in utter honesty: If there is a Big Bang after which everything was left moving apart, how does that support Newton’s contraction? Tests results received after the Moon landing show the Moon and Earth are moving away from each other! Yet students learn about mass pulling mass and that puling by mass forces togetherness by contraction.

This is only one of many points that I make on this one issue and there are so many other issues one may think of those in terms of counting in numbers in many hundreds or even in thousands. If the Sun for instance has mass that is apart from the Earth and the Earth also has mass and there is a gravitational constant in between the Sun’s mass and the Earth’s mass we have the radius in that location. It then must be the gravitational constant that fills the space that the radius holds. It is rather obvious that while the radius is filling the vacant space between the Sun and the Earth it is the only place left where the gravitational constant can hide. To find the centre of the Universe I had only to find the gravitational constant that holds the centre. Through my venture I discovered one person that knows what gravity is! Newtonians went and filled that space reserved for the gravitational constant having a measured value with nothing! How can nothing have a value of 6.67 X 10 -11 while also being filled with nothing as it is nothing filling the nothing of outer space?

My question in this matter is what is all that mass of so many supposed stars living in utter darkness doing at present while waiting to get to work and begin with generating gravity by mass where it will only later, much later form a force of gravity that then will bring about this pulling of the Universe? What makes the mass slumber in darkness to one-day form a pulling force? What has the “darkness” or the fact that we don’t see the mass got to do with the idea that the mass at present is not forming gravity that is forming a pulling force? You are taught that gravity pulls objects to the centre and obviously gravity then has to ultimately pull everything to the centre of the Universe. That is what the Critical Density research

that Einstein initiated wishes to establish. The idea is that F = GM1M2 makes the mass create a forcer2

that will destroy the radius and ensure everything is going to come together eventually at one point where the radius then will be no more. If that is the case, then where is that point? If everything is destroying the radius, then it must end at one specific point.

In the classes you students attend a physics lecture, has any one confirmed a location where one might find the centre of the Universe to confirm the ultimate destination of F = GM1M2 ? If you wish to apply ar2

Gravitational constant as a calculated factor then it is apparent that one must know to where such gravity is pulling since it then is the gravity that is where the contraction is going that predominantly is keeping everything apart. Then the gravitational constant is what is resisting the collapse of the Universe. If there is a force, then where is the force taking the pulling…if it is a gravitational constant applying through out outer space then where is it having a centre base? To those professors claiming Newtonian ideas are substantiated by proof, I say that notwithstanding your personal academic qualifications and while at the same time disregarding your status and previous achievements as well as ignoring your many admirable abilities you may have and however superior they might be, I shall teach you about gravity. I say it is time Students learn the truth about physics notwithstanding the status academics will loose.

What you are about to read comprises of extractions forming part of the actual book that you can download free of charge. Go to www.sirnewtonsfraud.com and press on the blue button and the book is yours to have! Use this information to test the reliability of your tutors’ teachings. Confront them with facts and don’t allow them to stupefy you with their ability to commit mind control. This is what eighty years of studying the solar system brought about and no individual study since changed one aspect of what this table brings as information.

If mass did attract mass, what kept the balance in the distance it held according to the Titius Bode Law where the planets do find a balance in orbit rather than moving towards the Sun. One might think of mass pulling the comet to the sun, but instead of slamming into the sun, the comet makes a circle (Π) and disappears into outer space. As much as the comet is pulled coming towards the sun, the comet is pushed away afterwards departing for the darkness of outer space. If mass pulls the comet closer, what does the pushing away afterwards. If mass did attract mass, it would explain the behaviour of the comet coming towards the sun...but then what is pushing the comet back into orbit, into the darkness of outer space? The idea of proof about mass pulling everything is automatically placed at the door of Newton. This is not as small an issue as it seems at first. Think of what planets do… and you think that planets orbit. If normal speech contradicts Newton, then it is his task to prove his supposition is correct and the claims about attraction Newton made, although Newtonians will deny this fact as if they deny he is correct the honour of their Master Newton and that is what they have to do. Think of what planets do… and you think that planets orbit. No one thinks of planets spinning or planets basking in the summer Sun. However, just using the term orbiting is in total defiance with Newton or physics!

Ever person associates gravity applying as “The natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the centre of the body” with what we think of happens to solar bodies having mass which is “the natural force of attraction between any two massive bodies, which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them” and science cheats everyone into believing the two is the very same. The one I experience every day and with the other there is no evidence of applying anywhere. Yet students are fooled into believing the two are exactly the same issue, which is untrue. If there is any academic feeling insulted by me calling the lot fraudsters, bring evidence of the second form of gravity working on the principle of mass and I will withdraw my statement, otherwise if no proof can be brought, then you lot that ignored me for ten years are the fraudsters I accuse you to be. You are villains brainwashing students to corrupt their thinking.
I have shown many ways how mass and Newton does not apply. There is no possible way to produce evidence from the behaviour of objects in the solar system that mass is responsible for gravity forming between two heavenly bodies. If it did, the asteroids could no possibly orbit in their allocated circle at the same rate as Jupiter circles in its designated circle.

Every one believes in Newton except comets, because comets fail to collide with the Sun. However I can explain in some way…


The evidence that mass is pulling mass there is not and there is no evidence of mass pulling mass. What there is I can prove how that forms gravity?

The Definition of Gravity according to the Oxford dictionary y of Astronomy:
Gravity is the fundamental force of attraction that all objects with mass have for each other. Like the electromagnetic force, gravity has effectively infinite range and obeys the inverse-square law. At the atomic level, where masses are very small, the force of gravity is negligible, but for objects that have very large masses such as planets, stars, and galaxies, gravity is a predominant force, and it plays an important role in theories of the structure of the universe. Gravity is believed to be mediated by the graviton, although the graviton has yet to be isolated by experiment. Gravity is weaker than the strong force, the electromagnetic force, and the weak force.


Presenting the Universe in this manner also forms part of the Newtonian conspiracy because it puts limits on what can never have a limit. The Universe has no outside because the Universe has only an inside. We have to look at the Universe not from the point where we are God but where we look up not the never-ending darkness and from where lights intensity starts at singularity.

I can and do explain this principle mathematically in a book I give away at no charge. Go to and download THE ABSOLUTE RELEVANCY of SINGULARITY : THE WEBSITE http://www.lulu.com/content/ebook/the-absolute-relevancy-of-singularity-the-website/7517996] and doing so will show you how it is possible to condense all the space around the spinning planets to form gravity by allowing cosmic structures to act as a centrifugal pump impeller. That is how gravity forms Π. You may see how material compresses the space around the star into a dense liquid. The liquid comes about from the spinning of the star compressing space and not by magical mass pulling. A star is compressed heat because when a star explodes it is always a process of releasing heat.

That is gravity. It is compressing space to form heat. That is gravity applying according to the Coanda effect and not by mass. This website informs you about the facts behind the lovely pictures that Newton’s magical mass is unable to explain. Mass forming gravity depends on magic and physics has no magic. Please think clearly, if there is no contact between two objects and yet they teach you the two objects pull each other, then that pulling depends on magic, not science. This website will tell you why the cosmic physics principles establish these phenomena…and because the information does not salute Newton, academics in physics despise what I say. In the image one can clearly see the Roche limit in action where none of the stars are pulling any other star closer but a process of liquefying takes place.

The Roche limit clearly shows no stars can pull each other into a collision but clearly expands by overheating and if mass don’t pull stars to a point of colliding then Newton is wrong! The Roche limit proves that any star that comes closer than 2.4674 times the radius of the larger star would liquidise everything within the space filled by the smaller star and this law and law providing the Coanda effect are a precise duplication of the interaction of the way that gravity truly applies in the midst of singularity. It is so clear that when stars expand stars overheat and therefore gravity must be a process of cooling! Only when stars overheat can stars explode as they do. You can see that gravity is locking in heat just by looking at what happens in the Universe and by studying every image as the Universe unfolds before your eyes.

Kepler used these three laws for computing the position of a planet as a function of time. His method involves the solution of a transcendental equation called Kepler's equation. Years ago I was reading of a remark Einstein made about his realisation whiles being a patent clerk. Einstein realised that had Einstein fell from the window of the patent office Einstein would feel as if he was as weightless as a chair and a pen falling alongside Einstein down the building.

Then I then realised Einstein felt weightless because he was falling and part of falling was feeling what was happening to him. He was not pretending to fall whereby he then would feel as if…he was really falling and with that there is no as ifs. What he experienced came by means of what he was experiencing. If Einstein was experiencing weightless ness, it would be because he was weightless while falling. Einstein would not imagine the weightless ness because Einstein was truly falling. He was at that moment truly weightless. Einstein, the pen, and the chair had the same weight since they were all weighing the same. All three items would be equally weightless during the falling…that was what Galileo found because objects of different size and different mass travel equal while descending. The bigger objects do not fall quicker than a smaller object and that can only be attributed to one fact; it can only be true if they weighed the same while falling.

From this one can deduct that gravity is motion or the intent to commit motion and mass is one the motion of gravity is frustrated by blocking the continuing of the motion. Gravity is motion of space and mass is the restricting of the motion of space. Having mass does not bring about gravity but it does restrict gravity’s motion. Gravity produces mass but mass does not produce gravity. Mass is the restraining motion and gravity is material moving about. Mass only comes into the application when two objects filled with space moves into a position where both want to claim space the other occupy. In essence it still is the frustration of motion and the commitment to move once the blocking of space is relinquished.

I then after reading this realised that gravity is not mass orientated, but gravity is motion differentiation between objects. While falling, The object moves less or slower in the direction that the Earth rotates and will fall in the direction of the Earth centre until such a time as the movement of the object is in synchronising with the speed that the Earth spins or if not the object will and on the Earth surface at the edge of the Earth and that will bring about having mass. The gravity applies as speed that is putting time in relation to the distance travelled and distance travelled is space. While the object is in a process of falling, the motion confirms gravity, both by getting the object’s distance or band in which the object travels in harmony with the Earth that conducts all the spinning taking place at that point. That will reduce the height in which the object spins until it lands on the Earth and then can’t reduce such reducing of a travelling band any further. It has to do with specific density. If the specific density is increased by filling the object with helium we will find there arrives a point where the conducted speed is at a level that the Earth no longer will claim the body into having mass. When motion downward ends and the Earth disallow any further movement to secure a better specific density in relation to rotating movement, then mass sets in and becomes what is than point holding mass where the constraining of the object takes place to secure frustration of further movement and the Earth’s motion annexes the object’s freedom.

While experiencing mass the motion is still there but now incarcerated by mass and locked onto the Earth by the rotation of the Earth and the superior or equal specific density of the Earth. By connecting to the Earth the motion that the object is experiencing is what nails to object to the Earth by the force of mass and the object is then experiencing mass and not falling further through the loss of downward movement and now only conducts with the Earth rotating side-on movement. In this the downward movement is not lost altogether but remains as detectable movement is the form of having a tendency to move although the object in mass is applying by forcing the downward motion to stand still. While the object is in mass and seems to be as if it is resting the tendency to move downward remains applying but that tendency to continue to move downwards is the tendency he named mass. However mass then restricts motion and becomes motion tendency. While falling, gravity applies as equal motion to all objects relying to place all objects in relation to specific density and because of this motion counteracts any size, mass or weight by making everything able to fall equal in specific density. When falling, the object is either equal to what might be in the air according to allowed specific density, or has more than the specific minimum required density that is what is allowed to serve as the minimum required specific density and therefore will spiral down to the Earth. When the Earth restrains further downward motion of the object that comes as the result of finding an allocated position of motion according to the specific density of the falling object, this readjusting of allocated position is stopped from conducting further downward or readjusting movement and all such further movement of gravity is hindering in the form we call mass. The falling object remains individual and still tends to move while Earth individuality resists movement. Further movement is disallowed as other material fill space. While the bonding of the atoms forming the object will secure any further deforming the object will remain to be independent but it is this bonding that is the value of the specific density of the object applying. By securing a [lace on the Earth, the falling object will finally rest and from that motion resistance comes mass.

While falling, the object is experiencing gravity because the object is in gravity but when on the soil the object experience mass which is the restricting of gravity or motion of the space filled with material.

Moreover, I came to another conclusion of equal importance. When any person is standing on any place anywhere, while viewing the Universe, that person is filling the centre of the Universe. Let’s get more personal. When you, the person that is reading this, are standing at night and are looking at the Universe you are seeing the Universe from the centre of the Universe. All the light, every single beam that ever left any destiny at any time acknowledges this fact. You are the most important person in the Universe because you are holding the most important position in the Universe. All the light that comes across all of space runs directly in a straight line towards you filling the centre of the Universe. Not excluding the effort of one photon, all light is heading to meet you where you are in that centre spot and not one photon will pass you by. Not one photon dare miss you because if they do they miss the effort that all light has to accomplish and that is to locate you as the person filling the centre of the Universe. If you find this funny, or laughable you are in for a shock because this is what gravity is and this principle dictates gravity. It is the most complex issue one can imagine and expanding on this thought takes thousands of pages. It forms the crux to all cosmic principles and embraces every successful and meaningfully theory ever used to explain the Universe. Without taking this aspect in to account, there is no valid explanation available to understand the cosmos. Al the light coming from wherever meets the point you fill in time and in space. For al the light travelling you hold the spot it was on route to.

Should you decide to shift your position to any other place in the Universe you will shift the centre of the Universe to that location as well. If you install a camera on Mars, the light is obliged to acknowledge your relocating the centre of the Universe at your will to reposition you’re being that centre of the Universe. All the light that ever left its destination crossing the vast spaces of the Universe, excluding no particular light, travelled all the way just to find you filling the centre of the Universe, right where you are. By you’re standing anywhere, you fill the centre of the Universe, and the entire Universe admits to that because all the light comes to meet you there.

If you shift from the North Pole to the South Pole you will shift the centre of the Universe because all the light travelling throughout the Universe will find you where you then moved the centre of the Universe. The light left its destination billion years ago as it travelled through space at the speed of light anxious to acknowledge you’re being in the very centre of the Universe. No photon will pass you by where you are in the centre of the Universe. No wonder every person born has the idea they were born to fill the centre of the Universe, which we do fill. The Universe is spinning around you or I, which is filling a centre where all motion is connected. That is the Coanda effect on the utter-most grandest scale imaginable; nevertheless it is only a manifestation of the Coanda effect. It implicates gravity as wide as can be…

Then I reviewed the Universe. If gravity is motion, what causes motion? What stops motion? That answer is in the Black Hole. If a star is about fusing atoms thereby growing, what happen when all the atoms fused into one all collective atom? What is the gravity if the star has one all-inclusive atom providing all the gravity that the star had when the star still had massive volumetric space? If all that space that once filled an entire giant star fused into one enormous gravity applying atom and that enormous force has been secures in the space that one atom holds, the atom would then show a force that would pull the surrounding Universe flat. Where does the gravity of the star end when all the atoms in the star became one giant atom? Gravity is smallest where space is least. Where space of an entire massive star is left in the size of one atom the gravity coming from that will pull the Universe flat at that point.

Coming to the conclusion about gravity being motion and mass being the restriction of motion was the easy part. What produced the motion and what prevented the restriction from overcoming the motion was the tough part. Figuring out why was everything on the move and where did the motion stop that was the part that took some figuring and some explaining. What made gravity move and why does gravity move…the answers are in the four phenomena never yet explained to satisfaction but now turns out to be the cradle of gravity.

Gravity is The Roche limit,
Gravity is The Lagrangian system

Gravity is The Titius Bode law
Gravity is The Coanda affect

…And gravity as the Roche limit forms the principle in producing the sound barrier. Read the book and find out why this is the case.

Newton’s claims about the principles that he declared is responsible for guiding physics carries no validated proof and only after I realised that, was I able to start forming another line of thought on gravity. This had the purpose of confronting the corner stone of modern physics and at first I tried desperately to do just that. At first I was not confrontational towards Academics in physics and avoided any indication about disagreeing with Newton, although avoiding to show my disagreements was also totally impossible too but every time I approached academics with my new concept the academics always threw Newton at me . Facing Newton or facing defeat became a two-sided blade and I had to start to confront them by confronting Newton, with which I was in disagreement from the beginning.

At first I was reluctant to voice any opinion about the matter of how far I was prepared to challenge Newton because Newton was and is an icon. But slowly it dawned on me that if I had any serious plans to introduce my ideas I had to dispute Newton’s gravity principles and do it head. When the slight confrontation did not bring results I finally decided to go all the way and show the inconsistencies that were prevailing in Newtonian science. That worked neither and it brought me the same results as before whereby I decided to go public and straight to John and Jane Dow avoid arrogance academics have with only one motto they serve and that is their autocracy and in particular their megalomania especially to my case as well as me in person. I wrote them (nine in total) letters in which I warned them that I was going public to show the extent of their dishonesty in their Newtonian’s approach and lacking of substance and proof their physics has. The lack of honesty and furthermore the absolute dishonest on their part is there whether I avoid it or attack it; the inconsistencies are part of forming the basis for modern accepted science.

This process I now described is explained in a paragraph or less and it seems I got that far in a breath or two, but getting this far took me the best part of seven years to get to I tried my best not to attack them or Newton but left with the option to leave the project and lose thirty years of work and then fail after I concluded an answer on every aspect they never even thought of or take them on and dish out what they should have received years ago made me decide on the latter. After being avoided and taunted by their powerful positions and arrogance vested in their mentality they show in regard to their positions as well as the disregard they show in the mentality of others I slowly concluded that only and after I can get people forming the general public and the opinion of those that holds their disregard just as I do to see what they hide will I get a response from the Mater’s of fraud.

First I had to show the general public the true colours of the academics in physics and get every one to see how incorrect Newton is, and only then do I stand any chance to introduce my line of thought. I am so sure of the ideas that I propose of being correct that I dare any one to disprove any part or the entirety that my concepts about cosmology forms! But that can only come about when I can get an audience to see how I expose Newton for what Newton was and it is in that where I find no luck. I can’t find one academic with influence that is brave enough to stand up and face my attack on Newton and argue me down or prove me wrong in a sound debate. Now I see frowning coming from everywhere because it is madness on my part to think the world is wrong and only I am correct!

I realise that it shows signs of madness on my part and in my thinking to even regard any possibility that I am the only person on Earth that is correct and all others that ever studied physics are wrong but mad as it seems, if that is what I have to say to find an audience to listen and to judge my case, then that is what I say. I don’t say this lightly or without understanding the enormity of what I suggest is going on, but be that as it may seem, it is the truth without question that Newton went on for three hundred and fifty years defrauding science with no one testing his claims. Argue me down or prove me wrong but don’t discount me before hearing me out and only after considerable consideration while studying my arguments then form an opinion that disputes what I say but when disputing what I say, do it while confronting me in a sound argument when proving me incorrect! This not one academic could achieve and I challenge the lot to do so. But do it after studying all my work and being in a position to account for all the details that I propose. Don’t just dismiss me because I dismiss Newton because following that road is the way of the coward and the mentally impaired.
Read my challenge about the correctness of Newton’s proposals when he brought no more than suggestions into science and when I dispute Newton, then take me on by proving Newton correct... do it just once… prove Newton correct just once...prove that his formula is working and that his principles apply on the grounds he principled his ideas.

Detecting Newton’s misconduct is possible because I saw a way to break away from the invalid concepts Mainstream physics hold. I went about and tried to prove Newton and when that was not happening I tried to apply Newton’s ideas into the greater fields of cosmology. That also wasn’t possible. I tried to amalgamate the four cosmic principles applying in cosmology with what Newton said was happening in the cosmos with mass and with gravity and in light of what the cosmos showed was happening Newton just wasn’t happening! Notwithstanding the pose Mainstream physics try to uphold, the entirety of physics still use the idea of magical forces intervening in nature and they still base concepts on unexplained novelties.

Think of finding four unexplained forces going around and influencing persons in an unexplainable manner except that the magic of gravity keeps people attracted to the Earth. To say the least, the concepts physics use in terms of Newton would not even be acceptable to children in the modern informed era we live in, I challenge any person to prove Newton, not to accept Newton but to undoubtedly prove Newton correct! Prove how Newton’s formula of mass forming the force of gravity can apply as Newton said it does! I recognised the impossible double standards Mainstream physics apply to promote their much shady explaining. In short I tested Newton’s principles and found the principles to be wanting.

The inconsistencies Newton introduced brought science double vision and to compensate for these bogus truths supporting their incredible theories, they simplify issues to such a level where what they embark on, is the meaningless acceptance of the unproven and they proclaim to understand what are meaningless inconsistencies and to achieve this they create scenarios which uses the entanglement of deception. Prove the attraction Newton said was enforcing gravity that is pulling by mass and is gathering plants by contracting the diameter between planets. Show how much the Moon came closer to the Earth since the time of Kepler. Show proven distances taken by radar tracking and indicate just how accurate Newton was. Show how much the Moon came closer to the Earth since the time of the Moonwalk in sixtynine.

The figures are available but are kept in a grave of silence where no one ever speaks about what science found applies and how much the distance between the Earth and the Moon is shrinking as Newton said is happening or then how much is the is expanding which will contradict the very principles Newton brought about! What they declare as unwavering facts can’t even be supported in some form when tested by a silly test as to show that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is shrinking. Even the least degree of verification of correctness is absent when trying to find support of Newton and Newton lacks all evidence of authentication in any investigation of even the simplest terms. It is as if they never read with interest that which they explain when they embark on explaining Newton and they never scrutinise that which they advocate when they teach Newton’s principles applying. They give values that are senseless and the very values they use make that which they say meaningless.

In this book I am going to investigate how much truth there is in mass pulling by the force of gravity. To most if not to all of the persons reading this then such a venture of investigating Newton is time wasted and just the thought about me embarking on the investigation of the issue is totally senseless to investigate. It is senseless because the concept it carries became accepted as household practise and life science from where it proceeded to become everyday culture in every person’s mind. The worst part is that the group of people normally considered as the wisest bunch there is, never did prudent testing on Newtonian presumptions, while to test the presumptions is most easy to do. I will not believe that a lot that lives up to the veneer of being the best mathematical intellectuals on Earth, never though of testing Newton’s very simple formula and in that disregard the formula because of the incorrectness the formula holds.

Do you think of astrophysics as being the department that is run by the wise and the level minded, the honest and pure at heart, the nobility of well-to-do academics and the sober thinking standing in front of the world as the absolute trustworthy? If you are a student, there is no other choice you have but to trust them while they feed you absolute hogwash! If you would so much as dare to doubt any thing they say they will banish you from the institution they rule so absolutely. The banishing process is dome under the blanket of examination.
They teach you what to think and to make sure you think what they wish you to think, they tell you to confirm their teachings on a blank piece of paper. You write what they prescribe and you supply the answers they demand in the words (sometimes) of what they demand. Should you in any way say anything different from what they tell you to think, your presence will not be tolerated any further as they abolish you from their institution of academic tutoring. After reading this book I invite you to…no I dare you to challenge their statements with evidence gained from this book and see them wilfully further their culture of deceit by bringing unfounded arguments just in order to silence you and prevent you from getting behind the truth. If you think those in charge of astrophysics are the pillars of trust, then get wise by reading the following facts and arguments this book presents. What you are about to read is simply mystifyingly simple and yet to this day I have not had the privilege to challenged one academic any where that had the honesty to admit to the fact of Newton being wrong. After you have considered the following you might agree with me that even small Children can reach a higher level of clear-minded logic and find more sensibility than what those scientists promoting astrophysics have because science lives in a make believe fool’s paradise.

The manner of regard to life that the Academic Physicist holds and the outlook on life that the followers of Newton physics have (I call them plainly Newtonians and to me they are sheepish because they resemble to the image that to me seems the same as sheep running after their leader without having the ability to think for one second any thought spawned out of personal intellect) is quite the opposite of what I think of them. They keep their forming the establishment of the order the Academic Physicist in high regard and consider their order to be the top thinkers in society.

This religion that they practise of self promotion and sublimely self regarding their status being next to God has them so high that we down on Earth forming the waste of human garbage can be told anything and we will believe what they say just because they with their supreme intellect tell us to think what they wish us to think. This they do because we human waste living way down below their supremacy have not the ability to think and therefore they must think on our behalf. In their view and so far very correctly judged on their part, they, the persons being in the group that forms the Academic Physicists, believe very correctly that can dish up whatever they wish and we, those forming the group in the gutter, those that are mindless in their eyes, we will have to accept what they say without being allowed to form an opinion other than having the opinion they give us to have because in their view we are unable to have a mind other than what they are able to control. This attitude they have is the result of a relationship that worked for so long and thee fact hat it worked that long is what confirmed their opinion that we, the public, are fools to believe anything and everything because of blind stupidity.

But in spite of their aggravating conduct and mischief towards us, it is not because of a lack of insight and inability of controlling a mind that we have our childlike belief and blind trust in their opinions and which there was. It is the faith we shown that they misused for their scandalous cheating. Our faith is what we have shown towards them and is that, which became used as the reason why we accepted what they said blindly. We didn’t accept their word on the grounds of us being utterly stupid as they perceive us to be but our trust depended on our good nature and believing in their trustworthiness. This trust we have is brought on by a culture of trusting the King to do the people well and somewhere in every person’s cultural past there was Kings that did us well in leadership.

But their underestimating of our abilities is the testimony of their poor understanding and their weak insight ability, which results from their arrogance and stupidity. You are about to see just how stupid they really are in the thinking aspect of science. It will become clear as you page along while reading! They didn’t fool us half as much as they fooled themselves and you are about to read all about it. The fact that they could fool us for centuries didn’t run on their intelligence being so much superior but served their purpose as it stemmed from the trust we had in them resulting from good intentions on our part. This betraying on their part and misusing the public’s good nature to be used in schemes to get the public conned must end and I pray that this book form the first step in resisting the arrogance of the Academic Physicist.

Any one not in their group of the Academic Physicist is part of the lowest order of mindless being and to become part of their order and those that have minds with an ability to think, students have to accept what they say when they say whatever they wish to say without having to prove the correctness of what should back their saying so and as a result of this students may never question what they say. Only when and after proving that a student has totally lost all ability to think for him or her self may a student is promoted into the ranks of their sublime intellectual group. The sifting process they named examinations. You write on paper what they told you and never question their opinion and after passing that examination will you ever enter their sphere of intellectual brotherhood. Does this sound far fetched? Then you better read on and I will remove your blindfold and show you what a world of deception the Academic Physicist force on us into.

Read the following and see how they, the high and the mighty, those that think they can replace God and those who think they can think on our behalf and think what to tell us to think, how much they are clowns and the jokers in society. Read how little are they, the Academic Physicists, able to understand concepts about Creation while they think they are able to replace God in their superior intellect.

If you are a student in the science of physics, then ask your Educated Masters to please explain the following abnormalities you are about to read in this book and insist on a clear explanation about the inconsistencies they promote while tutoring physics as if the physics they present are the most flawless and accurate institution there has ever been. Ask those academics supporting Newton about the following flaws that no one mentions …ever… except me in this book you are about to read and get them to explain the inconsistencies never talked about, which I present in this book and then after confronting those charged with tutoring physics and seeing who should be believed, then get wise instead of brainwashed. Let them mathematically show how one would go about and use Newton’s visionary

formula F = GM1M2 to calculate the force of gravity by replacing the symbols with the actual valuesr2

in mass that the items referred to have. Put in the Earth’s mass in place where it belongs and put in your mass in place where it should be and then divide that with the distance between your soles and the Earth measured in micro millimetres by the square thereof!

In the book named an Open Letter on Gravity Part 1 and Part 2, I bring the solution to the mystery behind gravity. I tried in vane to introduce the principles I find valid to the academics in charge of astrophysics. Facts that Science present as being the uttermost explicit and unwavering truth, fails to bring any logic answers to so many questions that it should address. It fails to have substance in addressing the most basic and simple questions about gravity and physics. Yet to every question science can’t answer my approach does bring many solutions. The presentation and the delivery of my answers that I reach are understandable and simple where it serves both logical science and the truth. Since my answers do not match Newton and his misconception about gravity and that mass generates gravity, those in charge of science don’t even bother to read my work. With their affixation to the corruption they portrait I can do little to the giants where they are in the mighty positions they have and just because of that they can go about to sideline and ignore my work and this is notwithstanding the correctness that my work delivers compared to the utter failing that Newton’s work shows.

When confronted with my evidence and they have to match my work with the hypocrisy and misleading nature of Newtonian cosmology their defence in substantiating their claims is to ignore me. Since I do not applaud mainstream science and the clear fraud they embrace and fraud it is that they embrace, I am silenced. Why is it that my work is going unrecognised or even in the least goes never debated and never commented on…it is because it will then trash every article anyone has ever written about astrophysics and cosmology. They show little integrity when academics with such supposed high standing or then such as they should have, play a dishonesty game where those in commanding positions will rather protect fraud and save their skins. They would rather protect the corruption they have than seek the truth and find honesty in physics. Those academics in charge would much rather protect their un defendable ethos they maintain as forming the back bone in science and what gives their personal position legality although it is corrupt than admit to the truth they find when they begin reading my work and in agreement they then have to back the truth my work brings. Doing that (accepting the truth in my work) will trash all work in cosmology delivered thus far and condemn it to the waste paper basket and render all work invalid and void. It will put all the Newtonian’s bias and fraud into the place where it belongs.

Considering that such acting will lose them money, those academics in controlling positions then will rather rape the truth in order to benefit from continuing to corrupt student’s minds further. If they wish to justify their inconstancies they have to attack my work and disprove the accuracy of my work. That they can’t do. They then ignore my work because they can’t attack my work. In that sense they also place their work beyond my approach, as they can simply ignore me as if I represent the plague while they carry on with little consequence to bother them. I challenge them to prove Newton correct and not just declare Newton being beyond reproach after all has seen the evidence I bring. After reading this all students must challenge them to defend what they can’t or get honest.
















F = Gr2 M1M2

This is the basis that Mainstream science uses as the foundation of all physics anywhere. If this is wrong then everything they have got to work with goes out the window. They put mass and the distance that parts objects in a relevancy, in other words the one is a ratio to the other. The one factor brings a measure to the other factor’s value. The one cannot be without the other. The increase in one becomes the reducing of the other and the other way round also applies. When the distance is large, the influence of mass will be small and when the distance is small, the influence of mass will be overwhelming. Then they state we are in a Big Bang expanding of the entirety.

Why then, when considering that if it is mass that produces an inclining force of contraction as Newton says there is going on then…why didn’t the expanding stop before it started when the Universe was small. Today using hindsight after the fact of the exploding Universe became apparent by the studies Hubble brought to light did the lot of everything that is not implode as Newton would have us believe whereas, instead it did expand just as Hubble proved. The radius at the time of the first instant back then was no factor, which makes the gravity at the time a totality of unrivalled force. The radius being that insignificant leaves the mass unchallenged in asserting power in relation to the non-existing radius it had.

I dare any physicist to show me where they apply Newton’s formula just and exactly as Sir Isaac Newton suggested gravity applies. Show me just once where the mass of the Earth is multiplied with the mss of


r2 M1M2 where oneM1M2 r2 the object in normal physics. Show me just once how F = or F α

M represents the mass of the Earth while the other M represents the mass of the object and in this formula the end result will have a value of 9.81 Nm/s2 … show just once one example… where the use of the mass of the Earth comes into play. If multiplying the mass of the Earth with the mass of an object and dividing that with the distance parting the two mass factors does not deliver 9.81 Nm/s2, and then any

claim by Newton indicating that F αM1M2 is equal to gravity, such claiming constitutes to deliberater2

fraud…even if Sir Isaac Newton said this. Prove that the mass of the Earth with the mass of an object and dividing that with the distance parting the two mass factors delivers 9.81 Nm/s2 or admit physics is conducting fraud to protect Newton!

To whom it may concern:
My introduction as well as introducing the readers to general cosmology in a very brief and compressed manner but first, I have to give the emphatic warning to all prospective contemplating readers.

Please take note of a conscientious warning about the gravity of the misgiving there is on the part of the most respected Academics in physics about a much concerning matter.

I state it emphatically that science accuses me to be not schooled to the point where I am able to have any form of an opinion on any matter concerning Sir Isaac Newton. Notwithstanding that my research proves I did my private studies and through which I skipped the indoctrination and mind control academics place on students goes unrecognised by their standards and so too my ability to have any insight on matters regarding physics. However my skipping their methodical and systematic brainwashing enabled me to see and allowed me to be able to express the incorrectness in Newton’s teachings and allowed me to show in clarity what destructive force Sir Isaac Newton used to corrupt the laws of mathematics, corrupting to science along the way and mostly raping to the work of a great man, Johannes Kepler and what Sir Isaac Newton did can only be expressed as being blatant criminal fraud. What his deeds amount to is to corrupt the laws of mathematics, to render the laws of cosmology useless and to rubbish all of science. Should you find this to be unbelievable, then I am glad to announce that this book is more for you than any other person, so go on and read what academics guarding science never wanted published.
I challenge any one that disputes any claim I make to prove me wrong by proving me wrong and not merely suggesting claims in that direction.

I have written several books in which I challenge the thought process of Mainstream physics and especially Sir Isaac Newton’s arguments about physics. I am of the opinion that even though everyone thinks that Sir Isaac Newton is the genius that established every aspect today used in modern physics the man did not have a foggy clue about any of the principles driving the concept. He name gravity, but was unable to explain the concept in any detail. I made a study on the subject of gravity and from that study I am able to explain the entire principle. I prove my explaining with mathematics backing up my statements. In using the correct principles, which was what I found applying in the cosmos and which was what Mainstream science had no idea how to explain or even how to interpret, those principles I use.

Moreover I back up my interpretation how the cosmos use those principles to conduct gravity with the correct mathematical formulating. By my effort of using phenomena applied by the cosmos but never understood by Mainstream science, I do a far better job than what Sir Isaac Newton did and what I achieve is of a far more acceptable level as well as being mathematically far more correct than what Sir Isaac Newton did achieve with his guessing about issues he couldn’t explain.

To be successful in my quest to find an explanation for gravity, I had to redirect all my concepts I previously had and also alter all the otherwise normally accepted thinking relating to physics. I realised that if I ever wished to come to realise what gravity is, I had to first realise that gravity is not what Newton