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If you think scientist know what gravity is…well, do not be duped that easily because no one in science remotely knows what gravity is…not even Newton knew what gravity is except Kepler… and because of what Kepler introduced now I know I can prove what gravity is.
Gravity is precisely what Kepler said gravity is

That Kepler was the only one that knows what gravity is we can see when we make an effort to investigate Kepler without Newton telling Kepler what he (Kepler) should have found. He (Newton) should have investigated Kepler’s work more open minded and much closer then he (Newton) would have seen that gravity is precisely what Kepler found to be gravity

Science fails to bring logic answers to so many questions. It is simple questions about gravity and physics in which they fail, yet to every question science can’t answer I bring an answer. My answer serves both logical science and truth but my answer does not match Newton and the misconception that gravity is generated by mass. Yet, since I do not applaud mainstream science and their fraud they go about to sideline and ignore my work is. Why is it going unrecognised…. because it trashes every article anyone has ever written about astronomical science and cosmology. It puts all the delivered on Newton’s bias and fraud to the place it belongs, it trashes all work done thus far to the waste paper basket and renders all work invalid and void. Where they have to attack my work they ignore my work because they can’t attack my work. In the same sense their work is beyond any defence and when I attack their work, they ignore me as if I represent the plague. I challenge them to prove Newton correct and not just declare Newton being beyond reproach.