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A Conspiracy to Selectively
Withhold Science
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I wish to tell the truth about science, but what is the truth about science?
Are you ready for the truth? Better still…
Those making a living from science, can you stomach the truth?
Can you face the truth without firstly knowing what you will be presented with?
The truth is going to have what you believe Is the truth come tumbling down on you.
So, before you say yes that quickly, ask yourself if you have the perception or the insight or
moreover the understanding to relate to what the truth might hold.
It is quick to agree to the request but I have yet to find one professor in physics that will respond
to the truth! Should you face up to the truth you are stronger than any one of almost two
thousand physicists in academic posts I have contacted over twelve years.
Moreover what will you do when you know the truth or are you satisfied to be told what to believe
is the truth without ever investigating by personal standards as to finding the truth about science.
I managed my discoveries because I DISCOVERED A MISTAKE IN SCIENCE.
Then as a result of finding the mistake I DISCOVERED THE TRUTH ABOUT SCIENCE
To find what is truth read on and confront the truth, as you never had ever before.
You will find I never compromise truth for friendship and in that light I say what they
needed to hear and not what is wanted to please who ever should feel pleased. Meet the
Newtonian physicist.
In this book I try to introduce the reader to the brilliant Newtonian conspirator that has
been dragging all of intelligent man by the nose for three centuries on a string. The more
the conspirator pretends to be an intellectual physicist the better a fool those conspirators
He looks sheepish because he acts sheepish because as he follows he never questions
what he believes and brainwash students to do the same.
Read how clever the physicists are in hiding their stupidity from students and the public alike. By
enlisting thought control those teaching physics force students to believe in science and to
believe science as being the only correct mindset there are. This idea of science being the
ultimate in correctness is totally ridiculous.
There are those brainwashed to the point that believe physicist are above reprimand and should
be treated as if they are God by never criticizing their actions. I wish to provide one such example
and you can determine what halfwits and brainwashed non-thinkers fills the faculty of physics. To
them everything is correct as long as it is part of physics because although they cannot think,
they “can understand physics. That they have no idea about what they understand is apparent to
everybody with a brain but still they wish to show the world they “understand physics” just
because they believe they are so superior that “they understand Newton”
One such an example I can show is a person going by some name such as Symeof.
Written by P.S.J. (Peet) Schutte.
Written by P.S.J. (Peet) Schutte.