A Conspiracy to Selectively Withhold Science Information


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Please read criticism of Symeof. If you are not prepared for the shock awaiting you about the conspiracy in science, do not download. It will be as big a shock as it is to Symeof. You will as he did realise that so many years of study has gone wasted because what you learned was one big hoax, covered by the mother conspiracy in science but don’t kill the messenger. There is the mother conspiracy, which I expose. If you are unprepared for the shock then reading this book will be more harmful than never knowing the truth. To find all your professional knowledge came to nothing must be unbearable and insufferable. The mother conspiracy is in place but you decide if you wish to know about it or not, the choice are yours to make. What you are going to read is the mother of all the conspiracies in science, which is about how science applies mind control by processing thought control. Every conspiracy ever linked to science is in place to protect that conspiracy from becoming known. I prove that there is a mother conspiracy in place. The mother conspiracy is in place so that students are brainwashed through the instigation of mind control through enforcing the acceptance of dogma on students. I also introduce a new cosmic vision with the entirety called the Universe, which is formed by singularly taking on every shape, and space that we know. FREE, and ready for download now!


I'm curious if you failed astrophy. or just failed to grasp the basic fundamentals...go past undergrad physics/sciences and maybe it will clear up for you. You the Author said it best; "Hogwash", and that exactly is what you have here. Instead of spending so much time and effort trying to prove 'the mother conspiracy', put your efforts to advance our collective knowledge of science or something other than this publication. With the wrong young mind reading this, at an age easily persuaded, you can potentially stop the next A. Einstein or S.Hawking prior to their start. Freedom of speech is an important luxury of life, but know your science/physics better prior to attempting to label it a 'hoax' and 'hogwash' and 'wrong'.


PSJ Schutte, as an astrophysicist I'd like to direct you to an explanation of solar system formation that should answer your question: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S... This book is execrable.

Alan Edwards

Who has time to think up rubish like this. The writer has no understanding whatsoever of the difference between weight and mass. The ramblings are like those of a child, struggling to come to terms with basic principles of science.

Linda Bibb

He rambles so much it's impossible to follow his train of thought.


This kind of nonsense has no place in the science section.

P.S.J. Schutte

This book shows a clear split in opinion. There are those that are brainwashed into stupidity and will never understand physics because they learned off by heart what they know without having a personal insight into understanding the composition of physics. They can’t see past their brainwashed limitations. They do not know anything about the four cosmic laws forming the basis of cosmology but notwithstanding the absolute centre presence of those laws, mainstream physics ignored the importance. Then there are those that have the intelligence to know something somewhere does not add up. This comes about when thinking it is taught that mass pulls planets while the biggest planets are in the middle and the smallest are inside and outside. How does mass position this arrangement with the smallest on either ends with the biggest in the centre?


Pathetic material. The author has no legitimacy in disputing physics : he is merely an amateur trying to disprove what the greatest minds of our times have taken centuries to prove (by the way, you need to have studied a subject before you can criticize it, which the author didn't). In my opinion, the author is so narrow-minded that when he came to scientists to talk about his material, the scientists must have told him that it was nonsensical. Then, of course, he couldn't imagine he might have been wrong, so he rationalized his failure to be accepted by creating a conspiracy theory : this is probably the reason why this ebook exists. This is no scientific material.


Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte

Please note that my name and last name are pronounced in Afrikaans, and is pronounced this way. Peet one would pronounce “here” which is the closest English to the pronouncing of the “ee”. The “Sch” in Schutte is pronounced exactly as school is where both are pronounced Skutte or “skool”. Pronouncing my name in Afrikaans to me show the utmost courtesy. I am most proud of being an Afrikaner.

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